In The Ivy: The woman behind the boutique

A new business recently took up resident in downtown Mesquite – In The Ivy Boutique, owned and operated by Mesquite High School alumna Celia Magana. Originally from California, Magana moved to Texas at the age of 13. She and her husband of six years, Daron Kirven, have a son together, Daron. Kirven owns Your Creation located next door to her shop at 217 W. Main St.

What brought you to Texas?

I was raised by my grandparents and my grandfather, who was like my dad, passed away on New Year's Eve and we couldn't afford to live in California anymore so we moved to Texas. I'm proud of my last name because he gave it to me and he was such an amazing man; he made sure we were all taken care of. 

What were you doing before you opened your own shop?

I worked with my husband at Your Creation and took care of our son. Your Creation was in the mall over 20 years, and we moved out and into downtown. We wanted to stay in Mesquite for sure. 

What's your background in fashion/business?

I've always been into fashion growing up even though I never really thought of myself as very fashionable, but I did win Best Dress in high school. I wanted to go to art school, but financially it just didn't work out for me. 

As far as business, I was a manager in a store at the mall and then I met him (Daron) and he had recently bought Your Creation and I started helping him and that's how I started learning how to do business.

Describe the style in your shop.

It's a mixture of different styles - chic, country, bohemian. I wanted to include a variety of styles because I like to change up my look, so I wanted to be sure to carry a variety of styles for whatever women are feeling. 

How do you choose what will be in your store?

If I like it and I see myself wearing it, but my biggest thing is the quality more than anything. I feel like if it's a good quality and it looks good, I'll get it.

What has been the biggest challenge when you were getting started?

It's a lot of little things, but I feel like financially it's very straining, but other than that I really loved the whole process of starting my own business. 

My son's birthday did fall around the same time as my opening, so balancing everything at the time was stressful. 

What have you enjoyed the most so far?

The clothing, being my own boss and having my own space to do me. 

Do you think it's better for your relationship that you two work next door to each other, but not together?

We actually work really well together. I love working next to him and I find myself actually missing him. But it does give us some time apart and we have more to talk about at the end of the day. I feel like that was one of our biggest thing was not having anything to talk about at the end of the day because we were next to each other all day. 

Who are some of the fashion icons that you admire?

Coco Chanel and Dolly Parton are the two that come to mind.

Do you feel it's a challenge for plus size women to find clothes?

I know for me it was. I wanted to make sure that whatever size you are there's something for you here and you don't feel left out. That was one of my priorities, to have a huge selection of plus size clothing that's cute. 

What do you hope customers get when they visit your store?

A great experience because customer service is one of my main priorities. I want people to feel welcomed and I don't want customers to feel like they're being rushed. 

Who's been a big influence in your life?

My husband; I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for him. He's been the most supportive person I've ever had in my life. He's taught me a lot, too. I was bullied growing up, and as a little kid I was even told to go kill myself because I was so fat and ugly. I never spoke up for myself, I was very quiet and introverted growing up, then I met him and I was able to stand up for myself more and be more open.

As someone who's been bullied, what would you give kids today who are possibly going through it now? 

It's tough at the time, but it does get better. I never thought I'd find somebody who would love me, but I did find someone.

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