Kenny Green

Former Mesquite News journalist and city of Mesquite 911 Dispatcher Kenny Green is on the campaign trail in Mesquite vying for the City Council position in the newly minted District 2 area of the city.

“I put my heart and soul into covering this city as a journalist and answering calls for people in need as a 911 dispatcher. Now it is time for me to put my heart, soul and knowledge of the city to work improving the quality of life for all who live, work and play in our city,” Green said. “I want to give the people a voice that will fight for them at city hall.”

For those wondering about his knowledge of the city, one only need to take a quick glimpse into the archives of The Mesquite News and Green’s name will be ever-present, with Green having written hundreds of articles over his almost decade-long career with the newspaper.

“I think, it’s a safe bet that I have attended more council meetings than any current council member, with the only exception possibly being Mayor Pickett,” Green said. “I remember attending the meetings at the old building before it was torn down, and the photos of past mayors that lined the walls during every meeting.”

Green grew up in the Casa View Heights area of Dallas, and his spent his entire life in the Mesquite area.

“I remember having my birthday parties at Putt-Putt on Gus Thomasson, the many trips to Big Town Mall to go get items from stores such as Woolworth’s, and of course the many welcoming smiles I encountered as a child,” Green stated. “These memories inspire me to serve the people of Mesquite to ensure the future generations are able to make the same amazing memories I was able to experience in our great city.”

According to a press release, Green’s decision to run for office was heavily influenced by his concern for the area he grew up in, and the lack of a strong advocate to help the people in the area.

The release states, Green’s main focuses are on enhancing economic development and creating an in-depth long-term vision plan for the city. Green believes the city of Mesquite has numerous needs and most of the cost money the city doesn’t have in the bank. He believes bringing in strong developments to add to the tax base to be one of the keys to addressing issues such as increased crime, damaged roads and understaffing issues that are affecting many departments.

“We have to shift the burden off the residential taxpayers in our city for long-term vitality. The people who live here already feel the burden of the tax rate on their pocket books and we have to find a way to fund future needs without raising the tax rate, if at all possible. I firmly believe, and the numbers say, a more diverse tax base is sorely needed in our city.” Green stated. “We need better streets, more officers and additional staffing in several areas such as the animal shelter, and I am committed to finding us the money to address these issues. The time for talking about the issues is over, it’s time to start making steps towards actually addressing them and quite honestly, it all starts with figuring out how to pay for it.”

The release adds, the long-term vision plan would be an expansion of the city’s comprehensive plan to have a detailed map of where the city sees it’s future.

“A true vision plan provides a blueprint for what the community envisions the city becoming and can be a powerful tool when recruiting developers. It’s been proven time and again, the more aware a city is of where it’s future is headed, the better pitch that can be made to developers,” Green said. “We have to give our economic development staff all of the tools they need to sell the city to developers, and it starts with the city leadership reaching out to the people who live, work and play here.”

Green has been endorsed by both the Mesquite Firefighters Association and Mesquite Police Association.

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