Berkshire annexation map

The second public hearing regarding the proposed annexation of 364.65 acres in the city of Mesquite’s extraterritorial jurisdiction was held during Monday night’s City Council meeting.

The property is located southwest of FM 2932 and southeast of Griffin Lane and includes a portion of Griffin Lane, a Kaufman County road and the right-of-way on both sides that is adjacent to the city of Mesquite’s existing corporate boundary.

This is a voluntary annexation requested by the property owners, as noted in the first public hearing by Planning Director Jeff Armstrong.

“The proposed annexation would be for Griffin Lane where it’s adjacent to our existing city limits; a 25-foot strip of land that’s owned by the city of Mesquite and then 363 acres of land (that is) privately owned that would be for a subdivision and be comprised of one-acre lots,” Armstrong said. “This annexation does not include any land that is occupied. There are no residents in any of these properties.”

The council unanimously approved an ordinance to annex the 364.65 acres in the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction as well as the northeastern portion of Griffin Lane adjacent to the existing corporate limits of the city including the part abutting the property.

This will grant all inhabitants of this property the rights and privileges of all other residents and making all of the acts, ordinances, resolutions and regulations of the city applicable to the property and its inhabitants except as otherwise provided; approving service plans for the provision of municipal services to the property; and designating the annexed property to be zoned agricultural.

The city boundary limits will be revised to include this property, adding it to District 6.

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