The Mesquite City Council unanimously approved a resolution during Monday night’s City Council meeting condemning racism and committing to community, inclusion and equality.

“Tonight, in the city of Mesquite, Texas, we take part in a very historic moment. Tonight, this City Council – and really this entire city – makes a statement that we hope will be a lasting example for future generations of leaders and citizens in our city,” Mayor Bruce Archer said.

“I’ve said many times that if we are to have law and order and be crime-free, that law and order must be for all citizens of all colors and all backgrounds. All citizens must feel like they are treated equally and fairly under the law and that the law protects them just the same and that safety is for everyone,” he continued. “And indeed, all lives cannot matter unless black lives matter as well.”

Archer said he and the council hope to tell the entire world that in Mesquite residents “absolutely and unequivocally denounce as never before all forms of hatred and racism.”

“We resolve with all we have within us that Mesquite must be a city where every race, ethnicity, economic status and background feel welcome and that they know that they are welcome at the table of decision making and that we must be one city – one people – under God and indivisible,” he said.

The resolution affirmed the city of Mesquite’s commitment to safeguarding the community against the damages that racism causes and to ensuring that the Constitutional rights of every person who lives, works and visits Mesquite are respected and protected. It also shows that the city is fostering attitudes, behaviors, practices and knowledge that promote unity, kindness and inclusion in its workplace, actions and perspectives.

The resolution states the mayor and City Council of the city of Mesquite will "hereby continue to engage all citizens in developing a deeper understanding for people whose life experiences are different than our own; work diligently every day to exceed expectations in all aspects of citywide operations and community engagement; develop programs and services designed to explore, understand, celebrate and embrace our diversity; strive to act with friendship, humility and openness as we evolve new and better insights and solutions to achieving a safer, more equitable and unified community; stand steadfast with all citizens of Mesquite against racism and reaffirm its commitment to fighting for racial justice and human and civil rights; and state to all who live or visit our city can expect to be treated with equality, dignity and fairness."

This resolution was passed by the City Council on July 6 and is immediately effective.

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