Mesquite council OKs an amendment to allow for amenity center, 7-Eleven in new development

The Mesquite City Council on Aug. 3 approved an ordinance amendment to allow an amenity center and a convenience store with fuel sales and to modify the screening wall requirements on property within the Iron Horse Development.

“This is a proposed amendment to the existing planned development ordinance that was passed around a year ago to allow development that will include various types of residential developments and commercial development,” said Jeff Armstrong, director of Planning and Development Services.

According to the presentation, there are three parts to this amendment. One is to allow an amenity center within the development, the second is to allow a convenience store with fuel whereas currently the PD ordinance does not allow any kind of gasoline sales, and lastly, to modify screening requirements at two portions of the property.

Armstrong stated the applicant is proposing to include a 7-Eleven convenience store with fuel sales and an amenity center. A third structure nearby is for a restaurant, which was said to be Panda Express.

The applicant stated the amenity center would be maintained by the HOA.

The proposed screening wall changes pertain to the northeast and northwest corners of the property, both are to have an 8-foot masonry screening wall. The applicant wants to replace the northeast corner with a decorative iron fence and landscaping and the northwest corner with a 6-foot brick screening wall.

Armstrong noted that in the northeast corner there’s a “substantial retaining wall” behind the existing fast food restaurants at that location.

“To put an 8-foot masonry wall on top of that poses various difficulties, but it also would just be a very large wall, probably not the best look that we would want there,” he said. “So they proposed putting a decorative metal fence on top of that with vegetative screening.”

The northwest corner is a reduction from an 8-foot masonry wall to 6-foot.

Two responses in favor and three in opposition to the application have been received from property owners within the statutory notification area. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval with certain stipulations.

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