Councilmember Jennifer Vidler clarifies with Planning Director Jeff Armstrong how the applicant could designate part of his development as parkland at a Monday City Council Meeting. Armstrong said the applicant’s current amenities would not go toward parkland, and it would be up to the City Council to decide if parkland is necessary or not. “Looking back and forth at it, I feel like they could do a better job of putting that together,” Vidler said.

Discussion over a proposed neighborhood has been postponed to Feb. 7.

On Monday, the Mesquite City Council unanimously voted to postpone a proposed single family planned development to its Feb. 7 meeting due to the applicant’s absence and multiple concerns regarding the development.

The City Council’s major concerns revolved around the applicant’s discrepancy in property size between the letters he sent to neighboring properties and what he was asking of council, the applicant not communicating with the property owner as of the Planning and  Zoning meeting, according to Planning Director Jeff Armstrong, some of the property stretching into designated flood plain areas and the applicant plans to provide pedestrian access to Paschall Park.

The property was designed to hold 85 single family lots on a 23.9-acre tract located off I-635 at 1401 New Market Road and 1341 New Market Road.

Lots were designed to range from 4,400 square feet to 6,600 square feet with a range from 1,400 to 1,600 square feet of living space. Councilmember Tandy Boroughs said that in a letter of notice sent to nearby residents, the applicant proposed 2,000-2,800 square-foot living spaces.

“I have a problem with sending a letter to a neighborhood saying ‘I’m going to build something,’ then asking for something else,” Boroughs said.

The unit sizes were different between the proposal and the letter of notice because the letter told residents what the property sizes were most likely to be, the applicant, Maxwell Fisher said. However, According to Fisher, the ordinance requires to give a minimum property size that is smaller than what the property sizes are slated for.

Two driveways would open into the development, one off the I-635 service road and the other would utilize the signaled intersection at Mathew Drive and New Market Road. Smaller lots around the edge of the development would have rear access driveways while larger lots in the middle of the development would have front access driveways. Concrete screening would border the neighborhood on New Market Road and I-635.

Amenities would include pedestrian access to Paschall Park, a dog park, playground equipment, picnic tables, benches, a grill, enhanced paving and landscaping.

City Manager Cliff Keheley said during the premeeting that the City Council might want the developer improve on the quality of the provided amenities.

Fisher said that he agreed to include a couple additional gazebos in the amenities.

Armstrong said the developer’s plan of having the pedestrian access dissect the property in half to access the park had small practicality. The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended that the developer utilize the already-required sidewalk along New Market Road to provide pedestrian access to Paschall Park.

“There’s an intervening line that we don’t own, but we hope to get control over it from the owner that would allow us to connect the development to the park,” Fisher said. “There’s no guarantee that the owner will cooperate. Plus, there’s a sidewalk along New Market that I think the city can go in and make a connection from where we’re required to build adjacent to our development and to the city park.”

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