Donna McAda

Donna McAda

During the Sept. 9 Mesquite Board of Trustees meeting, Executive Director of Assessment Donna McAda gave the board a report on student performance in the state A-F accountability system.

The system consists of three domains, and each district and campus earns a letter grade in the three domains as well as an overall letter grade.

The first domain is student achievement; at the elementary and middle school level it’s about the STAAR performance at all three levels in all student groups.

At the district and high school level, STAAR performance accounts for 40 percent; College, Career and Military Ready (CCMR) accounts for 40 percent; and graduation rate accounts for 20 percent.

McAda reported that in 2017 MISD graduated 2,565 students; of those, 46 percent were CCMR. In 2018, MISD graduated 2,740 students; 59 percent of those were CCMR – 432 more students who met the CCMR criteria.

“When we talk about CCMR in particular for our district, we’re talking about kids who pass AP tests, take dual credit courses, and for SAT and ACT scores, those are our big players. Even though there are really 12 indicators those are the ones that bring us the most points,” said McAda.

There are two parts to the second domain, school progress. The first is academic growth in reading and math. According to McAda’s presentation, growth is identified as limited, expected or accelerated levels. Points are assigned and divided by the number of tests.

The second part is relative performance. A student achievement domain score is relative to a district’s percentage of economically disadvantaged students. This year MISD had 78 percent economically disadvantaged.

The last domain is closing the gap. This is evaluated for all students plus 13 student groups.

McAda said at the elementary and middle schools there are 71 indicators. STAAR growth accounts for 50 percent, academic achievement at meets grade level or above in reading and math accounts for 30 percent, English language proficiency accounts for 10 percent, and STAAR performance for all tests accounts for 10 percent.

There are 54 indicators at the high school level. Academic achievement at meets grade level or above in reading and math accounts for 50 percent, CCMR accounts for 30 percent, English language proficiency 10 percent, and the four-year graduation rate 10 percent.

“In CCMR the district met 11 of 12 indicators,” McAda added.

The district’s overall score is 87 or "B," an eight-point increase from last year.

She reported that four campuses each received an "A," which are Kimball, Motley, Porter and Wilkinson. Twenty-three campuses each received a "B," including all high schools, and 19 campuses each received a "C."

Additionally, 28 campuses earned 72 distinction designations, up 21 from last year. Wilkinson Middle School, Kimball and Motley Elementary schools earned all possible distinctions.

The 11 campuses that earned a "D" in any domain are required to write a targeted improvement plan.

“Just like we like we expect our teachers to differentiate for their students, we expect our campuses to differentiate based on student needs,” McAda said. “We are going to differentiate for our campuses as we move through our continuous improvement efforts.”

Some campuses are getting additional support from curriculum coordinators and facilitators and other district personnel. Some campuses are receiving targeted training in lesson planning through Solution Tree, Lead4Ward, or curriculum personnel.

Some campuses are receiving data-driven instruction planning from Region 10, new instructional specialists are receiving coaching through Engage to Learn; instructional specialists are receiving support through district’s Professional Learning Department, and all principals are receiving coaching from their executive director, leadership development, she said.

Additionally, there will be district training on new ELA TEKS.

Going forward, McAda said they want to increase meets and masters levels and increase CCMR ensuring that students graduate with options for college, career, and/or military.

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