Mayor Bruce Archer

Mayor Bruce Archer addressed the Mesquite City Council on Monday to reflect on all that the city has accomplished over the last two years prior to Tuesday’s election.

Archer announced that he was not seeking reelection back in June to focus on family and his business.

Archer said that the current City Council and staff helped the city prosper and grow despite the pandemic through the different developments they have helped approve.

“Council, you can be proud of this for the rest of your days,” he said. “Staff, employees, you can be proud of this for the rest of your days. You are part of a historic time. It was not all enjoyable, but nonetheless, the job had to be done, and you all did that job.”

He also commended the police and city staff for their putting in place a crime plan to address the robberies occurring in 24-hour businesses as well as crime nearby and in apartment complexes.

Archer also reflected on special moments like opening Kid’s Quest on Gross road, lighting the Christmas tree as part of the city’s ‘Christmas on the Square’.

“I could go on about those great things just in the first few months this council and staff did together,” he said.

Reflecting on the pandemic, Archer recognized the city staff for immediately ensuring that the community remained safe and that residents would have help during the economic downturn.

“The council and our residents came together as one community,” Archer said. “There were too many losses of life, and some of us lost some loved ones. We still kept this city safe, whole and together. When national tragedies struck, moments of division, our residents came together to have productive dialogue and did not have riots and chaos. I am proud of this council and this city.”

Councilmember Dan Aleman has been elected to take Archer’s place.

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