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Real. Texas. Roads. will begin in Mesquite following the City Council’s approval of residential street repairs. The bond included more than $5.5 million for neighborhood two lane roads.


The Mesquite City Council on Monday approved two contracts for a total of $5.5 million for residential street repairs. 

The contracts will cover concrete repair for street pavement, sidewalks, and curb and gutters. Paving improvements in the Quail Hollow neighborhood were approved by KIK Underground LLC for $1.4 million. It will take approximately six month for construction to be completed in this neighborhood. Town East Estates was approved by HQS Construction, LLC for $4.1 million and will take up to 12 months to complete its improvements. 

“Quality streets in our neighborhoods are vital to maintaining community pride and curbside appeal of our housing stock,” Mayor Bruce Archer said. “The City Council is committed to repairing as many residential streets as possible, as quickly as we can. Improving streets also improves neighborhood vitality. This program is not just about pavement, it’s about the people who live in Mesquite. While we are proud of all that has been repaired to date, we know we still have several neighborhoods to get to and we are working as fast as we can to get to them, too.”

In November 2015, a referendum was placed on the ballot for voters to poll funds to be used for road construction and residential streets. Those funds circulated about $125 million bond sales. In June, the City Council approved six miles of residential streets on contracts. The current repairs are added to the 27 miles of neighborhood streets approved by the Real. Texas. Roads. program. 

The Real. Texas. Roads program was made as a result of the road repair funds voted during the bond election of 2015. With 84.4% for and 15.6% against, voters passed Mesquite’s $125 million street bond proposition. The bonds would ensure repairs for more than 100 miles of residential streets. This bond will not seek rehabilitation for highways and will only go toward two lane roads in residential neighborhoods. 

According to the residential program repair schedule, the city staff has estimated the project to be completed in years 2020-2024. The construction will vary depending on grade of damage and asphalt reclamation. The accumulation of funds will go toward streets with Grade 4 damage, which means they are excessively poor. Any construction needed for underground purposes will be repaired before full construction begins on the street. 

Along with the streets chosen by the city, the variety of methods will vary depending on the severity of the construction needs. The factors include: traffic volume, pavement condition index (PCI), rideability and drainage issues. 

“We’ve been repairing and grouping them to maximize efficiency of funds and maximum efficiency of construction, contractors and supplies,” Director of Communications Wayne Larson said.  “There are a variety of repairs we do from full depth repairs to rehabilitation.”

The list of which streets will have construction has already been scheduled out for the next six years. The city staff prepares the next round of streets to be rehabilitated and will be approved by the council.


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