The Mesquite Police Department help the Dallas Child Advocacy Center give resources to families in need while facilitating a vaccine clinic. 

The Mesquite Police Department partnered with the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) on Saturday to serve the children and families of Dallas County.

Members of the Mesquite Police SWAT Team along with DCAC staff helped pass out backpacks and other resources while facilitating a vaccine clinic.

“We do a lot of parties and are trying to give back to the community,” Det. Tim Roundtree said. “The reason why we do those things is because kids really love taking pictures with stuff like SWAT team equipment. We're there as entertainment for the kids and a photo-op.”

The Mesquite Police Department works closely with the DCAC on cases of child abuse as part of a multi-disciplinary team to ensure families have the help and resources they need with therapy and family advocates in addition to other services. The DCAC also provides forensic interviewers who specialize in talking to younger children to help get accurate statements from victims of child abuse.

“I think it's important that residents understand that law enforcement and social groups like the DCAC are working together for the community,” Roundtree said. “I know that sometimes it looks like our officers are just out for the arrest or prosecution, and civil groups are doing their separate thing, but when we pose a united front, it gives people the sense that people are on top on their game.”

Roundtree said it takes a lot of people with training in multiple fields working in unison to deliver the best product, which in the case of Mesquite PD and DCAC is protecting victims of child abuse and helping them heal from the trauma they endured.

Mesquite PD and the DCAC hold their biggest community events on Halloween and Christmas delivering resources to families in need.

“Occasionally, we'll come out if they need us like at this vaccination clinic,” Roundtree said. “They'll hand out resources like backpacks and stuff that families need, which is really cool. They also do the clothes closet, so we try to help as a sort of entertainment – something for families to do.”

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