Police Chief David Gill

The Mesquite Police Department plans to increase its presence in the northern part of the city to address an increase in property crimes.

Mesquite Police Chief David Gill presented the department’s quarterly report to the City Council on Monday.

According to the presentation, crime has seen a net decrease from 2,496 crimes in quarter three of fiscal year 2021 to 2,476 in quarter four.

Since last quarter, reported cases of murder decreased from three to one case, reported cases of rape and sexual assault decreased from 20 cases to five and reported aggravated assault cases dropped from 105 to 97 cases.

Reported burglaries rose from 113 to 155 and reported thefts rose from 636 to 693.

According to the presentation, the city saw a spike in robberies, thefts and burglaries in the northern part of the city while previous crime hotspots have seen a decrease in crime due to increased patrolling efforts.

Gill said the department plans to increase engagement with the current hotspots to ensure crime goes down in the northern part of the city.

Shoplifting cases have been higher this quarter compared to past quarters this year. However, reported shoplifting cases have dropped overall since 2019.

Gill also addressed staffing in the report saying that of 248 officer positions, the department is looking to fill 13 vacancies. The department has 27 officers in training, a total of 18 propective officers in basic peace officer courses and nine field training officers.

The department also has six vacancies of out 22 detention officer positions and six vacancies out of 34 public safety dispatcher positions.

“That is a significant percentage of their numbers,” Gill said about the detention officer and public safety dispatcher vacancies. “Unfortunately, we do not have anything in the background for them right now.”

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