Mesquite remembers 9/11 with virtual ceremony

This year’s 9/11 Memorial event was not a public one due to the pandemic; instead it was broadcast live on social media.

The picture was taken at previous year 9/11 Memorial event.

The city of Mesquite held a private memorial this past Friday to commemorate “Patriot Day,” which is the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Out of an abundance of caution and in line with the guidance regarding social distancing, this year’s 9/11 memorial was not a public event. The public was encouraged to visit Mesquite’s Freedom Park at the Mesquite Arts Center later that day or to watch it online.

During the ceremony Mayor Bruce Archer gave a speech remembering this tragic moment in U.S. history and all the lives lost, but also how the country came together.

“Indeed, on this morning in 2001, 'freedom was attacked' as President George W. Bush said that morning - and in the most brutal and cruel fashion. Most of us remember well that difficult and unprecedented morning. We remember the pain of seeing poor souls falling from the windows of the twin towers because the heat from the fire was too much to bear. We remember the serious resolve in the faces of the firefighters and police officers who were running into the Twin Towers - many who would never come back out. We remember the many fearful citizens on the streets of New York as they watched the terror unfold,” Archer said.

“And while we should never forget that awful day - we also must not forget the blessing and goodness that came from those fateful moments,” he continued. “We must never forget the bravery and courage of those first responders who willingly and without hesitation, ran toward danger to save lives. We must never forget the immense compassion and mercy shown by both Americans as well as citizens from around the world that day, who all came together to support our nation in that difficult moment. And we must never forget the tremendous unity our nation experienced from 9/11 and the weeks that followed that day - a unity we’ve not seen since WWII.”

The mayor’s speech was followed by a moment of silence, the ringing of the bell, The Police Officer’s Prayer recited by Police Chief Charles Cato and the Firefighters’ Prayer by Fire Chief Mark Kerby.

The recording of this ceremony can be found at or on the city’s Youtube page.

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