Daniel Aleman

The city of Mesquite officially declared the winners of its City Council Election at the Monday meeting.

Candidates for all places except 1 and 3 were sworn in one at a time at the dais and accompanied by their families. Places 1 and 3 will have runoff elections scheduled for Dec. 7.

The city officially declared that Mayor Dan Aleman received 59% of the vote, Councilmember Kenny Green received 74% of the vote, Councilmember Tandy Boroughs received 52% of the vote, Councilmember BW Smith received 62% of the vote and Councilmember Debbie Anderson received 51% of the vote.

In Place 1, Joe Hicks received 15% of the votes, Jeff Casper received 43% of the votes and David Burris received 42% of the votes.

In Place 3, Jennifer Vidler received 47% of the votes, Elizabeth Rodriguez-Ross received 37% of the votes and Rose Grimsley received 16% of the votes.

The Places 1 and 3 runoff elections were triggered as a result of no candidate securing more than 50% of the vote. 

“I am excited to be the new mayor of Mesquite and the first Latino mayor of our city,” Aleman said. “I’m very proud to be third generation Mexican-American.”

Aleman said his grandfather came to Austin from Mexico and became a self-made businessman while operating his own grocery store.

“My momma and dad made sure we learned both languages growing up and that we would be bilingual,” he said. “As early as second grade, they said, ‘at home, you’ll speak Spanish.’”

Aleman said he plans to use it more after being elected mayor. He also said that as mayor, his top priorities are listening to his residents and ensuring public safety for a growing community. In the next 10-12 years, Mesquite will have built over 10,000 new homes adding a possible 30,000 new residents in addition to the added businesses and industrial parks throughout the city, according to Aleman. 

“We’re sending a message loud and clear that our city of Mesquite is definitely open for business,” he said.

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