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Dr. Timothy Lehmann, chiropractor and owner of Mesquite Chiropractic and Injury, specializes in leading people to happier and healthier lives free from drugs and surgery. He began his chiropractic journey at Parker College of Chiropractic and received his degree in 1998. Immediately after receiving his degree, he trained with the late Dr. Frank Dorsey. Recently, he received the highest certification in traumatology by the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. In the last 15 years, the institute has conferred this level of certification to only 100 physicians each year.

What drew you to the field of chiropractic?

I have been treated by a chiropractor since the age of 9. In fact, my whole family was treated affordably. My father was self-employed at the time while suffering a debilitating back injury. As you know, being self-employed means if you don’t work you don’t make any money. Therefore, it was imperative my father was able to heal in order to provide for his family. In short order, my father was back to work without the need of relying on prescription medications interfering with his productivity.

This left an impression on me. After graduating from high school, chiropractic seemed a natural progression that offered alternatives to the present medical system. Rather than applying to medical school, I chose to continue the art and science of a drugless health care model I was exposed to from childhood to present.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The diverse stories and conditions of the patients always makes for an interesting day. Many stories may be similar, but the patient also has a story of how they found our office or make the choice to see a chiropractor.

On average, it takes a person seven years to see a chiropractor once the thought enters the patient’s mind. The gratification comes when nearly all patients end the story with “ … but I wish I would have tried this sooner.”

How do you feel about receiving the highest certification in traumatology?

I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to serve the community in this special way. The certification of Whiplash Traumatology and Minor Traumatic Brain Disorder allows me to document and treat these special injuries which are not well understood in the community, medical community, or even the legal community.

Whiplash injuries, or more accurately cervical acceleration and deceleration injuries (CAD), is indeed an epidemic in the United States costing $43 billion annually. CAD injuries represent 25 percent of all payouts by the insurance company.

Being able to document the extent of injury and being able to treat the injury through best practice guidelines ensures transparency and accountability throughout the industry.

Education helps bring clarity to the community as in why the injury happened, how the injury happened, why the insurance companies often do not treat the patient fairly, what attorneys do and don’t do about it, why doctors don’t believe the patient is injured, and for those doctors who do don’t know how best to treat the injury.

Who’s been a big influence in your career?

Dr. James Syvrud was my first chiropractor as a child. He planted the idea of bringing healing through chiropractic. Dr. Frank Dorsey was the first chiropractor in Mesquite. When I graduated in 1998 I took over his practice to allow his retirement. He and I are the only chiropractors to treat in our office for more than 60 years. Dr. Dorsey left an indelible mark on myself and the community.  Of course, Dr. Arthur Croft who is well-published with over 350 scientific and professional papers dealing with CAD injury in some form; and over 100 full-scale human and crash dummy studies to put pictures and numbers to the forces that go through the occupant’s body, especially in low-speed collisions with low property damage.

What are some things you feel people may not understand about chiropractic?

Many patients associate health with the lack of pain. While chiropractic tends to be the first place patients schedule while in pain, chiropractic really shines in getting the patient out of pain, and moreover, function that keeps people out of pain. Unfortunately, when patients wait to get treated when the pain starts, the damage has already occurred. Perhaps preventative treatments would have staved off the injury to begin.

Are you involved in any organizations? If so, what are they?

I am involved in the Texas Chiropractic Association, Mesquite Rotary, and the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce. I also take sailing lessons.

What instruments do you play and are you a singer?

I took choir and cello in high school and led the music in church for over 15 years.

What are some of your family holiday traditions?

Holiday tradition involves more and more “experience-oriented” celebrations. Theatrical performances are especially fun and meaningful this time of year. Last year for our 25-year marriage anniversary, Amber and our two daughters on this side of the Atlantic visited our oldest daughter in Paris while she was studying the language. Every year we have a picnic at the Christmas tree farm. The girls still love to continue this tradition even though we may not buy a tree that particular year.

What is the best gift anyone's ever given to you?

I believe the best gift I have received is the freedom to learn and explore ideas that may have not been brought into consciousness. You just don’t know something until you know it. Once you know it, sometimes you just can’t forget it.

I have learned so much about motor vehicle collisions (MVC) ... the injury patterns one may expect to see, how to treat the injury, and the denials the patient receives from attorneys and insurance companies who refuse to be transparent and are offended by accountability. The downside is it can be difficult to “un-see” these things once they are in your consciousness.

I believe I am better for it and hope the patient and community is as well.

What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up?

Baseball and wrestling at the Dallas Sportatorium. The Von Erichs were of course my favorites, and the Rangers are my team.

Who inspires you and how are you a bit like them?

Bono from U2 and the whole band is an inspiration. Not only are they the greatest rock band in the world, they are still the greatest 40 years after beginning. I have grown to appreciate the bands’ purpose and work ethic. I may think that I know something, as stated before, until I find out something new. I think I have a quality work ethic, until I discover more can be or could have been done. These guys in the band are now in their upper 50s touring the world and putting thought in music, sound, visual simulation and ideas for mindfulness. All these ideas, in addition to my faith, has expanded my strategic boundaries and communal responsibility to my neighbor. I thank Bono and U2 for principle and passion in their calling.

If you could snap your fingers and appear somewhere else, where would you be?

The British Virgin Islands – best sailing with the best views provided by God himself – Australia or New Zealand – the Aussies and Kiwis are such beautiful peoples – and anywhere with my loves (wife Amber or my lovely daughters).

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