The 2020 football season was anything but conventional, with teams trying to work around the COVID-19 pandemic that not only pushed the start back a month, but also caused additional delays and cancellations during the course of play.

It was an unusual finished product on the field for Mesquite ISD teams, as well, as they did not have a representative in the top classification’s playoffs for the first time since 2003.

Though the wins and losses did not go their way, Mesquite, Horn and North Mesquite did have positives during the season and that was reflected on the all-district team, where they combined to claim 74 spots on the first three teams.

The Skeeters, who finished just one game out of the playoffs, led the MISD pack with 25 selections, followed by the Jaguars with 21 spots and the Stallions with 18 players recognized.

North Mesquite claimed the lone superlative honor, as sophomore wide receiver Cordale Russell was voted as the offensive newcomer of the year.

Mesquite junior quarterback Chance Edwards was a unanimous selection to the 10-6A first team offense. Edwards completed 110-of-218 passes for 1,608 yards and 18 touchdowns and also had the ability to make plays on the ground.

He was joined on the first team offense by a trio of Horn players.

Sophomore wide receiver Chris Dawn made the list after recording a team-high 27 receptions for 523 yards and three touchdowns.

Senior offensive lineman James Collins was a unanimous pick after helping the Jaguars average 355.3 yards per game, as was senior kicker Antonio Mercado, who connected on 27-of-29 extra points and 10-of-15 field goals, with a long of 46 yards.

Mesquite claimed two of MISD’s four spots on the first team defense.

Senior outside linebacker Jakennon Moore made the list after tallying 64 tackles, eight for loss, two sacks and eight pass breakups. He was joined by junior cornerback Quinton Evans, who had 31 tackles, nine pass breakups and a pair of interceptions.

Horn senior cornerback Charles Demmings was a first-team pick, as he nabbed four of the team’s six interceptions, to go along with 39 tackles, with two for loss, five pass breakups, a forced fumble and a blocked field goal.

Rounding out the first-team selections was North Mesquite junior defensive tackle Davion Carter, who was a play-making force on the line for the Stallions.

Mesquite had 10 second-team selections, including six on offense with tight ends Hunter Nucci and Braelyn Dillard, wide receivers Jamarion Woods and Gervin McCarthy and offensive linemen Seth Robinson and Cameron Roach.

Senior linebacker Jayden Brown headlined the second-team defensive picks after he recorded 101 tackles, with 11 for loss, four sacks and three forced fumbles.

Junior defensive tackle Marlon Thompson-Leatch was disruptive force on the line and they were joined by defensive end Cornelius Darden and safety Josh Williams.

Horn had eight-second team picks, including five on offense.

That quintet is led by junior quarterback Darrius White, who completed 94-of-196 passes for 1,608 yards and 12 touchdowns and also rushed for 746 yards and eight scores.

White was joined by wide receiver Marquis Edwards, who had 21 catches for 248 yards, wide receiver Xavier Brown, who recorded 23 receptions for 487 yards and six touchdowns, fullback Alex Matchniff and offensive lineman Antonio Asuncion.

The trio of Jaguars second-team defenders includes end D’Edrick Dotson, who had 47 tackles, with six for loss, with one sack and four quarterback pressures, end Casey Griffin, who recorded 30 tackles, with six for loss, 2.5 sacks and two hurries, and Mercado, who claimed his second nod at punter.

North Mesquite landed four players on the second team with senior quarterback Liam Thornton, junior running back Kobie Norman, senior wide receiver Marcus Yow and senior safety Zamoray Richrdson.

10-6A Football All-District Team

Most Valuable Player

Braedyn Locke*   Jr.      QB    Rockwall

Offensive Most Valuable Player

Josh Hoover         Jr.      QB    Rockwall-Heath

Defensive Most Valuable Player

Gage Elder*          Sr.     LB     Rockwall

Special Teams Most Valuable Player

Ethan Spearman* Sr.     K       Rockwall

Utility Player of the Year

Jamarion Miller*  Jr.               Tyler Legacy

Offensive Newcomer of the Year

Cordale Russell    So.    WR   North Mesquite

Defensive Newcomer of the Year

Phillip Bazemore  So.    DT    Rockwall

Coaching Staff of the Year


First Team Offense

Chance Edwards* Jr.      QB    Mesquite

Zach Evans*         Jr.      RB    Rockwall-Heath

Bryson Donnell*  Jr.      RB    Tyler Legacy

Brennan Ray*      Jr.      FB     Rockwall

Lance Mason*      Jr.      TE     Rockwall-Heath

Caden Marshall    Jr.      WR   Rockwall

Jay Fair      Jr.      WR   Rockwall-Heath

Corban Cleveland Sr.     WR   Rockwall-Heath

Quaydarius Davis          Sr.     WR   Skyline

Chris Dawn          So.    WR   Horn

Logan Cluff-Amperse    Sr.     OL     Rockwall

Carson Haynes*   Sr.     OL     Rockwall

Hunter Smith*      Sr.     OL     Rockwall-Heath

Josh Peacock*      Sr.     OL     Rockwall-Heath

James Collins*     Sr.     OL     Horn

Dion Daniels        Sr.     OL     Tyler Legacy

Antonio Mercado*         Sr.     K       Horn

Greg Johnson*     Jr.      RS     Skyline

First Team Defense

Davion Carter      Jr.      DT    North Mesquite

Joseph Elder        Sr.     DT    Skyline

Chris Harris*       Sr.     Tyler Legacy

Jack Deapen         Sr.     DE    Rockwall

Garfield Lawrence*        Sr.     DE    Tyler Legacy

Dawson Hunt*     Sr.     ILB    Rockwall

Grady Brewer      Sr.     ILB    Rockwall-Heath

Ty’Quandre Johnson     Sr.     OLB  Skyline

Jakennon Moore  Sr.     OLB  Mesquite

Drew Molick        Sr.     S       Rockwall

Isaiah Nwokobia  Sr.     S       Skyline

Quinton Evans     Jr.      CB    Mesquite

Charles Demmings         Sr.     CB    Horn

Jack Janis* Sr.     P       Tyler Legacy

Second Team Offense

Liam Thornton     Sr.     QB    North Mesquite

Darrius White      Jr.      QB    Horn

Kobie Norman     Jr.      RB    North Mesquite

Preston Landis     Sr.     RB    Rockwall-Heath

Zach Hernandez   So.    RB    Rockwall

Alex Matchniff     Jr.      FB     Horn

Braelyn Dillard    Jr.      TE     Mesquite

Hunter Nucci        Sr.     TE     Mesquite

Jordan Nabors     Jr.      WR   Rockwall-Heath

Brenden Bayes     Sr.     WR   Rockwall

Antinio Blair        Sr.     WR   Skyline

Marquis Edwards Jr.      WR   Horn

Jax Johnson         Sr.     WR   Rockwall

Marcus Yow        Sr.     WR   North Mesquite

Jamarion Woods  So.    WR   Mesquite

Gervin McCarthy Jr.      WR   Mesquite

Xavier Brown      Jr.      WR   Horn

Boxiong Cao        Sr.     OL     Rockwall

Reed Brackett       Jr.      OL     Rockwall

Carson Fichtel      Jr.      OL     Rockwall-Heath

Caleb Flores         Jr.      OL     Rockwall-Heath

Chris Vestal         So.    OL     Skyline

George Dennis      Jr.      OL     Skyline

Seth Robinson      Sr.     OL     Mesquite

Cameron Roach   Sr.     OL     Mesquite

Antonio Asuncion         So.    OL     Horn

Donovan Jordan  Jr.      OL     Tyler Legacy

Pablo Cabello       Sr.     K       Skyline

Christian Baxter   So.    K       Tyler Legacy

Second Team Defense

Jackson Luff         Sr.     DT    Rockwall-Heath

D’Adrian Burleson        Sr.     DT    Skyline

Chris Caldwell     Sr.     DT    Rockwall

Marlon Thompson-Leatch       Jr.      DT    Mesquite

Edward Gonzales Sr.     DE    Rockwall

John McGee         Sr.     DE    Skyline

Cornelius Darden Jr.      DE    Mesquite

D’Edrick Dotson  Sr.     DE    Horn

Trae Martin          Sr.     DE    Rockwall-Heath

Casey Griffin        Sr.     DE    Horn

Charles Minnieweather  Sr.     ILB    Skyline

Jayden Brown      Sr.     ILB    Mesquite

Jack Janis   Sr.     ILB    Tyler Legacy

Josh Olivares       Sr.     OLB  Tyler Legacy

Garrett Lewis       Sr.     OLB  Rockwall

Jaylin Nwigwe      Sr.     OLB  Rockwall-Heath

Corey Kelley        Sr.     S       Rockwall

Zamoray Richardson     Sr.     S       North Mesquite

Peyton Williams   Jr.      S       Rockwall-Heath

Josh Williams       Jr.      S       Mesquite

Jakelyn Morgan   Sr.     CB    Tyler Legacy

Dezmon Mims      Sr.     CB    Rockwall-Heath

Anthony Davis     Jr.      CB    Skyline

Antonio Mercado Sr.     P       Horn

Pablo Cabello       Sr.     P       Skyline

Third Team Offense

Darryl Richardson         Jr.      QB    Skyline

Trent Adams        Sr.     QB    Tyler Legacy

Jackson Bennett   Sr.     RB    Rockwall

Qualon Farrar      Jr.      RB    Skyline

Anthony Roberts Jr.      RB    Mesquite

Camden Tyler      Jr.      RB    Horn

Jacob Fields         Sr.     RB    Mesquite

Christen Washington     Sr.     RB    Skyline

Isaiah Smith         Jr.      TE     Mesquite

Hunter Nucci        Sr.     TE     Mesquite

George Bergfield  Sr.     TE     Tyler Legacy

K.B. Frazier         Sr.     WR   Mesquite

Justin White         Jr.      WR   Mesquite

Nicolas Bennett    Sr.     WR   Tyler Legacy

LaDarien Butler   Jr.      WR   Tyler Legacy

Julius Rosales      Sr.     WR   North Mesquite

Eddryk Ruff         Jr.      WR   Horn

Goodnews Iwaumadi     Sr.     WR   Rockwall

Ladavian Butler             WR   Tyler Legacy

Kendrick Tutt       Sr.     OL     Tyler Legacy

Kah’lil Montague Sr.     OL     Tyler Legacy

Kade Fry    Jr.      OL     Tyler Legacy

Keyshawn Reggie Sr.     OL     Tyler Legacy

Terrance Hobbs    Sr.     OL     North Mesquite

Caden Bowers      So.    OL     North Mesquite

Dauda Faal Sr.     OL     Horn

Chase Smalley      So.    OL     Horn

Sebastian Martinez        Jr.      OL     Rockwall-Heath

George Dweh       Sr.     OL     Skyline

Liam Zalka Sr.     OL     Rockwall

Cameron Ross      Sr.     OL     Rockwall

Andrick Juarez     Sr.     K       North Mesquite

Third Team Defense

Ashton Donald     Jr.      DT    Mesquite

Philip Kamanda   Sr.     DT    Horn

Tristan Layson     Jr.      DE    North Mesquite

Kendrick Oliver    Sr.     DE    Mesquite

Ryan Tatum         Sr.     DE    Rockwall-Heath

Carson Gallagher Sr.     DE    Tyler Legacy

Isaiah Ikihine        Sr.     ILB    North Mesquite

Michael Murphy  Jr.      ILB    Mesquite

Tarance Johnson  Jr.      ILB    Horn

Luis Alcala Sr.     ILB    Mesquite

A.J. Shipman       Sr.     ILB    Rockwall

Etelridge McKinney       Fr.     ILB    Skyline

Noah Wilson        Jr.      OLB  Rockwall-Heath

Casey Edwards    Sr.     OLB  North Mesquite

Tyrione McDonald        Sr.     OLB  Skyline

D.J. Coleman       So.    OLB  Horn

Deyreck Dean       Jr.      OLB  Rockwall

Alan Crawford     Jr.      OLB  Rockwall-Heath

Lane Horak Jr.      S       Rockwall-Heath

Kade Welcher       Sr.     S       Rockwall

Ashton Williams  Jr.      S       North Mesquite

Quentine Moore   Sr.     S       Skyline

Jordan Lester       So.    S       Horn

Cayden Starks      Jr.      S       Tyler Legacy

Aaron Sears         Jr.      S       Tyler Legacy

Trelon Morrison   Sr.     S       Mesquite

Jaylin Broadus     Jr.      S       Mesquite

DeQuez Henderson        Sr.     S       North Mesquite

Jaylon Mosley      Sr.     CB    North Mesquite

Cadien Robinson  Jr.      CB    Rockwall

Dariel Brown       Sr.     CB    Rockwall

K.D. James Jr.      CB    Mesquite

John Burris Sr.     CB    Horn

Dalen Hicks          So.    CB    North Mesquite

Greg Sherfield      Sr.     CB    North Mesquite

Grant Watson      Sr.     CB    Rockwall-Heath

Jay Black    Sr.     CB    Rockwall

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