Horn returned to the playoffs and had six players recognized on the 10-6A all-district softball team.

The 10-6A softball season played out about as expected.

Rockwall entered as the favorite and lived up to its billing, as the Yellowjackets rolled to an undefeated district championship.

The other three spots were thought to be a battle between Tyler Legacy, Rockwall-Heath and Horn and that was the case, also, as that trio gobbled up the other postseason berths.

Mesquite and North Mesquite fielded younger squads that had some growing pains, but those experiences should prove helpful as they look to make playoff runs in the future.

All seven teams were able to celebrate their top players with the release of the 10-6A all-district team.

The Jaguars have been the most consistent MISD softball program in recent years and their playoff berth was the 16th in the last 18 seasons.

For its efforts, Horn had six players recognized on the all-district team, highlighted by a pair of first-team honorees in sophomore Sophia Garcia and freshman Irella Bautista.

Garcia was one of the team’s two starting pitchers and she also added some pop at the plate, with four triples and a pair of doubles.

Bautista made an immediate impact in her first varsity campaign. Bautista not only stepped in as one of the team’s top arms on the mound, she also led the team in hitting, posting a .408 batting average with seven doubles and three triples.

Senior Taylor Johnson hit .271 with one home run, one triple, seven doubles and four stolen bases to earn a spot on the second team.

The Jaguars had a trio of players land on the honorable mention list with senior Lauren Carrasco, senior Jadyn Julka, who hit .294 with a team-high eight doubles, and junior Miranda Salinas, who posted a .365 batting average with one home run, one triple, three doubles and four stolen bases.

North Mesquite had 11 players recognized on the team, including one superlative award as junior Gabrielle Briones was voted as the 10-6A defensive player of the year.

Briones not only posted a .982 fielding percentage from her shortstop position, she also led the team in hitting, posting a .434 batting average with four home runs, seven doubles, six triples, 28 runs  scored and 21 RBIs.

Briones was joined on the first team by junior outfielder Kaitlyn Murphree.

Murphree hit .424 with five doubles, 23 runs scored and 10 runs batted in. She also filled in on the mound at times, where she posted a 3-0 record with a 2.14 earned run average and 12 strikeouts in 16 innings.

The Stallions had four more players named to the second team.

Sophomore catcher Makiya Myles threw out seven would-be base stealers and hit .339 with two home runs, two triples, six doubles and 23 RBIs. Fellow sophomore Alia Perrin-Adams was the team’s primary pitcher, posting a 4.77 ERA with 63 strikeouts in 70 innings and she was also a force at the plate, hitting .405 with five doubles, one triple and 10 runs batted in.

Junior outfielder Abigail Hernandez ranked among the team leaders with 14 runs scored and junior outfielder Michelle Lopez had eight runs scored.

North Mesquite also had five more players named to the honorable mention list with senior Arianna Cottrell and juniors Cora Hurst, Raegan Davis, Alia Camargo and Allyson Eldridge.

The Stallions are already looking ahead toward next season, when 10 of those 11 players are expected to return as they pursue their first playoff berth since 2018.

The Skeeters had 10 players named to the list, including one first-team selection in sophomore Alyssa Sornia.

She will be one of five Mesquite honorees who is expected to return next season as it tries to return the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

The second team included a trio of seniors in catcher Hunter Gilmore, outfielder Briana Santamaria and utility player Kiana Beasley, junior outfielder Violet Torres and sophomore shortstop/second baseman Madison Reinhart.

The Skeeters’ honorable mentions were seniors Jazelle Hernandez and Tatum Burton and juniors Isabella Casarez and Jessie Aguillon.

To say Rockwall was dominant en route to the 10-6A championship might be an understatement. The Yellowjackets won every game by at seven runs or more and outscored opponents by a combined score of 165-5.

Rockwall’s achievements were recognized with four superlative awards, including the top honor as senior shortstop Ashley Minor was tabbed district most valuable player. Minor ranked among the team leaders in several offensive categories, hitting .431 with six home runs, two triples, four doubles, 28 runs scored and 33 RBIs.

Sophomore Ainsley Pemberton was voted as the pitcher of the year as she posted a 1.19 earned run average and struck out 191 and walked only 20 in 105.2 innings of work.

Freshman Rylie Swindall made a big splash in her inaugural varsity season and was selected as the newcomer of the year. Swindall posted a .474 batting average with one home run, four doubles, one triple, 38 runs scored and 25 stolen bases.

The final major honor went to Leah Campbell, as she was recognized as the 10-6A coach of the year after guiding Rockwall to the district title and a trip to the area finals, where they were edged out by Waco Midway in three games.

The Yellowjackets had six more players named to the first team.

Senior first baseman Elizabeth Schaefer hit .493 with three home runs, seven doubles, seven triples and 33 RBIs. Another senior, third baseman Logan Nies, batted .362 with five doubles and 35 runs scored.

Junior outfielder Zoe Quinn landed a spot on the first team, hitting .481 with five triples and 24 runs scored, while junior outfielder Roxy Thompson had a team-high .519 batting average with three home runs, six doubles, 38 runs scored and a team-best 41 runs batted in.

The Yellowjackets also had a pair of sophomores on the first team as catcher Laci Larsen hit .333 with a home run, three doubles and 15 RBIs, and outfielder Ava Wallace batted .485 with six home runs, seven doubles, five doubles, 26 runs and 37 runs batted in.

Senior Brooke Barron made the second team after hitting .387 with 12 runs scored and freshman Presley Brott was an honorable mention pick, as she posted a .442 average with eight doubles, 14 runs scored and 14 driven in.

Rockwall-Heath had one superlative award winner in senior Kailey Bautista, who was tabbed the district catcher of the year. Despite missing a bulk of the season, the 10-6A coaches recognized Bautista for her impact on the field, where she hit .545 with a home run, five doubles, two triples, six runs and 17 RBIs in only nine games.

Bautista was joined by a quartet of teammates on the fist team.

Senior utility payer Danielle Gillean posted a .458 batting average with three home runs, seven doubles and a team-leading 36 RBIs, while also going 8-2 with a 3.83 ERA, a pair of saves and 39 strikeouts in 45.2 innings on the mound.

Junior infielder Emmy Apodaca emerged as one of the most well-rounded hitters in the area, batting .528 with seven home runs, 10 triples, six doubles, 10 stolen bases 38 runs scored and 25 driven in.

Junior outfielder Kelsey Fox hit .403 with three home runs, nine doubles and 24 runs scored, while freshman Cassie Marshall stepped in as one of the team’s top arms, posting a 3.28 earned run average with 34 strikeouts in 57.2 innings and hitting .429 with 13 RBIs at the plate.

The Hawks also had three players named to the second team with sophomore Karylle Bautista, who hit .325 with 13 runs scored, sophomore Laney Conrad, who batted .316 with five triples and junior Haidyn Cornelius.

Tyler Legacy was represented on the first team by senior pitcher Presley Johnston and junior outfielder Jaydee Diller, while the second team included sophomore third baseman Reese Neely and sophomore catcher Mallory Kniffen.

10-6A Softball All-District Team

Most Valuable Player

Ashley Minor       Sr.     SS     Rockwall

Pitcher of the Year

Ainsley Pemberton        So.    P       Rockwall

Catcher of the Year

Kailee Bautista     Sr.     C       Rockwall-Heath

Defensive Player of the Year

Gabrielle Briones Jr.      SS     North Mesquite

Newcomer of the Year

Rylie Swindall      Fr.     2B     Rockwall

Coach of the Year

Leah Campbell                        Rockwall

First Team

Sophia Garcia      So.    P/2B  Horn

Irella Bautista       Fr.     P/2B  Horn

Kaitlyn Murphree Jr.      OF     North Mesquite

Alyssa Sornia       So.    OF     Mesquite

Elizabeth Schaefer         Sr.     1B     Rockwall

Logan Nies Sr.     3B     Rockwall

Laci Larsen So.    C       Rockwall

Zoe Quinn   Jr.      OF     Rockwall

Roxy Thompson  Jr.      OF     Rockwall

Ava Wallace         So.    OF     Rockwall

Emmy Apodaca   Jr.      3B/2B         Rockwall-Heath

Cassie Marshall    Fr.     P       Rockwall-Heath

Kelsey Fox Jr.      OF     Rockwall-Heath

Danielle Gillean    Sr.     U       Rockwall-Heath

Presley Johnston  Sr.     P       Tyler Legacy

Jaydee Diller        Jr.      OF     Tyler Legacy

Second Team

Taylor Johnson    Sr.     OF     Horn

Makiya Myles      So.    C       North Mesquite

Alia Perrin Adams         So.    P       North Mesquite

Abigail Hernandez         Jr.      OF     North Mesquite

Michelle Lopez     Jr.      OF     North Mesquite

Madison Reinhart So.    SS/2B         Mesquite

Hunter Gilmore    Sr.     C       Mesquite

Briana Santamaria         Sr.     OF     Mesquite

Violet Torres        Jr.      OF     Mesquite

Kiana Beasley      Sr.     U       Mesquite

Brooke Barron     Sr.     OF/DP        Rockwall

Karylle Bautista   So.    2B     Rockwall-Heath

Laney Conrad      So.    1B/P  Rockwall-Heath

Haidyn Cornelius Jr.      OF     Rockwall-Heath

Reese Neely          So.    3B     Tyler Legacy

Mallory Kniffen   So.    C       Tyler Legacy

Honorable Mention

Lauren Carrasco   Sr.     Horn

Jadyn Julka Sr.     Horn

Miranda Salinas   Jr.      Horn

Cora Hurst Jr.      North Mesquite

Raegan Davis       Jr.      North Mesquite

Alia Camargo       Jr.      North Mesquite

Arianna Cottrell   Sr.     North Mesquite

Allyson Eldridge  Jr.      North Mesquite

Tatum Burton      Sr.     Mesquite

Isabella Casarez   Jr.      Mesquite

Jazelle Hernandez Sr.     Mesquite

Jessie Aguillon     Jr.      Mesquite

Presley Brott        Fr.     Rockwall

Olivia Lemons      So.    Rockwall-Heath

Savannah Crocker         Fr.     Rockwall-Heath

Brooke Davis       Sr.     Tyler Legacy

Sara Eckert Fr.     Tyler Legacy

Jeyllen Juarez       Jr.      Skyline

Academic All-District

Lauren Carrasco   Sr.     Horn

Kudzanayi Chiriva         Jr.      Horn

Victoria Lewis      Jr.      Horn

Miranda Salinas   Jr.      Horn

A’Mya Work       Jr.      Horn

Marissa Cardona  So.    Horn

Sophia Garcia      So.    Horn

Stormi Medina     Fr.     Horn

Gabrielle Briones Jr.      North Mesquite

Allyson Eldridge  Jr.      North Mesquite

Cora Hurst Jr.      North Mesquite

Serenity Finch      So.    North Mesquite

Molly Whitinger   So.    North Mesquite

Haven Crabb        Fr.     North Mesquite

Tatum Burton      Sr.     Mesquite

Jazelle Hernandez Sr.     Mesquite

Brianna Santamaria       Sr.     Mesquite

Kiana Beasley      Sr.     Mesquite

Violet Torres        Jr.      Mesquite

Madison Reinhart So.    Mesquite

Alyssa Sornia       So.    Mesquite

Brooke Barron     Sr.     Rockwall

Hanna Hill  Sr.     Rockwall

Ashley Minor       Sr.     Rockwall

Logan Nies Sr.     Rockwall

Elizabeth Schaefer         Sr.     Rockwall

Audra Henderson Jr.      Rockwall

Roxy Thompson  Jr.      Rockwall

Savannah Ford     So.    Rockwall

Abrianna Kennedy         So.    Rockwall

Laci Larsen So.    Rockwall

Rachel Lawyer     So.    Rockwall

Ainsley Pemberton        So.    Rockwall

Caden Young       So.    Rockwall

Presley Brott        Fr.     Rockwall

Ari Jensen   Fr.     Rockwall

Taylor Minor       Fr.     Rockwall

Rylie Swindall      Fr.     Rockwall

Danielle Gillean    Sr.     Rockwall-Heath

Kailee Bautista     Sr.     Rockwall-Heath

Charity West        Sr.     Rockwall-Heath

Addyson Allen     Jr.      Rockwall-Heath

Emmy Apodaca   jr.      Rockwall-Heath

Kelsey Fox Jr.      Rockwall-Heath

Cathryn Lara-Ramirez   Jr.      Rockwall-Heath

Karylle Bautista   So.    Rockwall-Heath

Laney Conrad      So.    Rockwall-Heath

Savannah Crocker         Fr.     Rockwall-Heath

Cassie Marshall    Fr.     Rockwall-Heath

Katharine Meagher        Fr.     Rockwall-Heath

Maddie Flanery    Sr.     Tyler Legacy

Presley Johnson   Sr.     Tyler Legacy

Brooke Davis       Sr.     Tyler Legacy

Maddie Carrillo    Jr.      Tyler Legacy

Reese Neely          So.    Tyler Legacy

Sara Eckert Fr.     Tyler Legacy

Miracle Peace       Sr.     Skyline

Mariya Williams  Sr.     Skyline

Jeyllen Juarez       Jr.      Skyline

Elany Villanueva  Jr.      Skyline

Kesia Johnson      So.    Skyline

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