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Many historians have called Stephen F. Austin the “father of Texas” for his efforts to bring the first settlers from the United States into Texas. But the story begins with his own father, businessman and visionary Moses Austin, who in his ow…

He was the first chief justice of the state supreme court in Texas, and as such, he made Texas law into an instrument to be used by all people. John Hemphill was one of the first great legal minds to preside over a Texas court.

The past few weeks have been very painful, stressful, and triggered both good and bad memories for many veterans and previous deployments to Afghanistan, the Middle East and as far back as the Vietnam War.

Texas has long been a football state.  One of the most successful Texas football dynasties, the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990s, stems from three players for the University of Arkansas and their 1964 championship season: Jerry Jones, Barry Switze…

Setting goals with your adolescent can be tricky. Over-laying your goals on them and expecting them to acquiesce is not an effective approach. Their quests for independence and autonomy make them ripe for pushing back. Just like you and me, t…

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We’re so much better at communicating compassion, empathy, and kindness. Those on the receiving end appreciate our genuine care and concern and its boost to the relationship. But what happens when someone says something with which you disagree? That fine line between accepting your friend, s…

On June 7, Governor Abbott signed Senate Concurrent Resolution 3. This was a significant day for me and all Falun Gong practitioners in Texas. SCR3 is a joint declaration passed unanimously in both chambers of the Texas Legislature that condemns the practice of involuntary organ harvesting i…

Ruth Wright passed away on June 5 at the age of 87 years old. She was married to my father for 67 years. Together, they raised three children with me being the only boy, the youngest and certainly the least talented.

On Jan. 3, 2021, Congressman Van Taylor took his oath of office and was sworn in as the representative of Texas’ 3rd Congressional District. By taking this oath, Rep. Taylor made a commitment to uphold the Constitution, act as a leader and a voice of reason, and serve his constituents in Was…

Seems like it has been raining for 40 days and 40 nights, or at least it feels like it. I know that we will covet these rainy days soon enough, but that is not today.

Doing the right thing is easy when it is popular and everyone supports it, but doing the right thing is very different when fighting people who have a vested interest in letting evil prevail or when your life is threatened.  

I was sitting with my dear friend and expert on everything Arlo Doolittle at the neighborhood watering hole.  He’s a production supervisor at a local factory. 

In Texas, 76 men have been awarded the Medal of Honor for their courage above and beyond the call of duty since the inception of the medal.  Perhaps the most recognizable of those figures from World War II was Audie Murphy.

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