David Burris

Place you are seeking: Mesquite City Council Place 1

Number of years in Mesquite: 64 and 32 in District 1

Occupation: Retired

What is the most important issue in your city and how would you solve it? (Please limit your answer to this question to 100 words) 

Crime Rate – If elected, to hold quarterly meetings on both sides of my district to have someone from the police department to give us the knowledge on how to not become victims. 

I believe that as citizens, we need to get more involved in a safe way to work in conjunction with our Police force.

Share our cell phone number with our neighbors so we can look out for each other, especially when we are out of time.

Be trained by our police department to observe and not confront any suspicious activity in our neighborhoods. 

How do you think the city should be addressing crime prevention? 

 To inform the police department that we would like to have a Police officer at our Town Hall meetings.

I think they should always make sure someone from the Police Department, the Fire Department and a City Staff member attend these Town Hall meetings. 

What are your ideas in addressing traffic in the city and the region?  

I would like to see some of the streets widened, if possible.

We have a lot of retail in our city that brings in extra traffic, especially around the Town East Mall area. 

I’m hopeful with the completion of I-30 and 635, it will ease some of our highway traffic.

At these Town Hall meetings, we can discuss how to make our driving more efficient.   Be more efficient, instead of just going to the store for one item, wait until you accumulate a list.  This will help driving in our neighborhoods. 

Where do you feel the city should focus development efforts?

To keep looking for ways to revitalize our Town East Mall commercial area.

I truly believe, this will help our neighborhoods.

I would like to see, if possible, some incentives to be offered to small and medium size stores. 

Is the city spending money in the right places? Is there anything you would change?  

I have attended many of the Budget Town Hall meetings. 

It’s in my opinion that the City Staff is doing their very best in looking for areas to attract more sales tax revenue.

 No, in my opinion every Budget Town Hall meeting I have attended, the breakdown of the funds looked very fair and efficient.

What's your history of community involvement in the city/area?  

Sixth year of Mentorship of Poteet Football players

Member of Ambucs Organization

Mentor of Youth at First United Methodist Mesquite Church

Current umpire for Mesquite Baseball

Regular participant of Addressing Mesquite Day

Graduate of the Citizens Fire Academy

Why are you the best candidate for this position? 

Of the three candidates in the race for this seat, I bring the most independent constituent-focused mindset, years of being actively involved in our community, and time and energy to devote to the job.

Since I am retired and in good health, constituents will be able to access me easily and I will be a very active presence in our community to ensure issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Additionally, rather than pursuing a partisan agenda, I am focused on serving the unique needs of the community I have lived in for nearly my entire life.

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