Bill Beavers

Bill Beavers

Place you are seeking: Place 4 Prosper ISD School Board

Number of years in the district: Nine years

Occupation: Sales management at NRG

What is the biggest issue facing the district right now, and how would you help to solve it?

My biggest concern is meeting the challenges presented by our tremendous growth every year. While this is a challenge that we welcome, it is imperative that we maintain our standard of excellence. We maintain this standard with great people. One of the best recruiting tools we have is our current administration, teachers and staff. It is crucial that they know how much they mean to us and how vital they are to our students' success. When our current staff feels valued, our reputation will bring the very best to Prosper ISD. I will make sure that we never take our staff for granted. In addition to retaining and recruiting the best in the field of education, we have the blueprint for state-of-the-art facilities and programs. We are always adjusting and making slight improvements to these plans as we adapt to the changes that come with our fast-growth district.

How should PISD handle future growth?

Prosper ISD should stay the course with our current plan. Our commitment to a smaller school feel (staff contributes greatly to this) of course promotes academic success, but it also supports students' emotional well-being and mental health. From a stewardship standpoint, we want to be just slightly behind the growth curve to make sure that we do not have schools sitting empty for a year or more while we wait on necessary funding to staff them. The biggest challenge in growth is to make absolutely sure we continue to hire amazing teachers. We definitely need a large quantity of educational professionals, but we will not sacrifice quality. Our Prosper ISD teachers are among the best in their field, and we will continue to hire those professionals who live up to the standard of excellence that is being set everyday by our current staff.

Do you think the district is heading in the right direction? Why or why not?

Yes. I believe the proof is in the numbers. People are coming to Prosper ISD for a reason. With our amazing school district, houses don’t stay on the market long in Prosper ISD. Our board and administration share the same goals centered around providing the best education to set our students up for great success, and we have the support of our community as we pursue these goals. There is no reason to course correct if you are headed in the right direction.

Are there any existing programs in the district that should be expanded or enhanced? Please give examples.

Our district has outstanding CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs. These programs are so successful that I am hopeful that other students can benefit and learn from these programs even if they are not directly involved. Specifically, our culinary program is amazing. We can expand the benefits of this already thriving program by educating students on how to handle themselves in fine dining situations whether they are conducting business or sitting down with a potential employer for an interview. This is only one example of how we might enhance one tremendously successful program to reach more students. Our CTE programs are top notch, and we want as many students to benefit from them as possible. Of course, there are more programs we want to add and always will when we can fund them properly.

Are there any new programs you think the district should consider implementing?

While we undoubtedly have excellent CTE programs in Prosper ISD, we are always tweaking them and making improvements every year to maximize their positive impact on our students. In addition, I am extremely proud of our new push to encourage PISD graduates to leave high school with 30 hours of college credit. We are providing multiple opportunities and avenues to accomplish this as well as providing support from an advisory standpoint to ensure that students are both aware and given tools and guidance to effectively pursue these opportunities. This not only can help reduce college tuition by entering higher education as a sophomore, but it also greatly increases the probability of students' successful completion of higher education programs. Another program that we have long considered and pursued is ROTC. While we have applied for this program and have not yet been approved, we are mindful as a district that any program we implement meets the highest standards and offers the very best for our students.

What is your history of involvement in the district community?

I am currently serving on the PISD School Board as well as multiple sub-committees including the security and school-naming sub-committees. I am on the board for the Prosper Education Foundation. I have served on the district site-based team for Reynolds, the District of Innovation committee, WATCH D.O.G.S., and field trip dad. I am a member of the PTO. I have previously served on the Town of Prosper Charter Review committee. I am currently a football coach for PYSA (Prosper Youth Sports Association) and have coached Little League baseball for numerous seasons. I am an active deacon at Prestonwood North, former deacon officer for Prestonwood, deacon team leader, Prestonwood finance committee member and lead usher.

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