Evelyn Brooks

Evelyn Brooks

Place you are seeking: Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Place 7

Number of years in the district: I lived in Frisco eight years

Occupation: Educator/Youth Development

What is the biggest issue facing the district right now, and how would you help to solve it? 

The biggest issue facing the district right now is the uneasy climate within our school environment. Students are caught in the middle of major decisions that will impact the future of their lives for many years to come. Decisions such as mask choice, a normal social life, social political ideas, mental health management, failing grades, learning loss, income loss and stress. I’d help solve these issues by ensuring that Frisco ISD remains true to the established Texas Education Code’s 4.001 mission for public schools. Objective 1 gives parents the right to become full partners with teachers in the education of their children. Parents must collaborate with teachers and Trustees to find the best possible solutions to these issues for their children. I’d offer a choice to wear a mask, and prepare an action plan to open up each campus during the 2021-2022 school year at 100% in-person capacity.

How should FISD handle future growth in its student population?

FISD made future plans for growth projections years ago. However, the projected future student population growth rate comes with risks. The risk that FISD has assumed is the building of too many schools, and thus, wasting approximately $400 million of tax payer’s money for the cost to build four new schools by 2025. Currently, we have enough space to accommodate both our current student enrollment as well as our projected student enrollment by 2025, without building new schools.

Do you think the district is heading in the right direction? Why or why not?

I do not think the district is heading in the right direction because our leaders have forgotten how to be of service to the citizens of Frisco. There’s a lack of open communication and enforced accountability between trustees, the superintendent and parents. Some parents wait for long periods of time before receiving responses to complaints, leaving them powerless against the district. The foundation of our history and national heritage is being compromised by social and political ideas, and parents aren’t given an opportunity to help find solutions that address diversity concerns within the district. There’s also a significant learning loss that must be made up for, especially at the secondary level, where grades matter most for college entrance and scholarships. Students and teachers are suffering from mental depression and isolation, and there aren’t enough guidance counselors to help meet this need. The new grading system has added stress and pressure on families, and families are still puzzled about the changes. Teachers are concerned about teaching to the STAAR test because it takes away from valuable teaching time on other subjects, such as math and reading. Textbooks aren’t issued for students to take home to follow along with, making it difficult for parents to help support homework.

Are there any existing programs in the district that should be expanded or enhanced? Please give examples.

The district currently has two outstanding programs, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (IP), and Frisco’s only elementary school of choice, Bright Academy. These existing programs offers differentiated instruction at a higher thinking level, which equips students with the tools to be successful independent learners with an aptitude to compete globally.

Are there any new programs you think the district should consider implementing?

I think the district should expand and implement the existing program at Bright Academy to all elementary and middle schools in the district in response to Future Ready Learning. Bright Academy is a STEM School of Choice with a Spanish language enrichment program. Bright Academy offers the best teaching practices to students. These practices include:

• A challenging style of teaching and learning that promotes critical thinking, peer collaboration, and an understanding of global perspectives, languages and cultures

• Innovation and inquiry-based thinking

• A pre-career technical education that focuses on STEM. 

What is your history of involvement in the district community?

I remain actively involved in the Frisco city community. Over the past eight years since living here, I’ve been involved in the following:

• Founded Challenging Edge Academy, a homeschool program teaching Frisco’s elite athletes

• Offered summer STEM programs for Frisco residents

• Provide affordable tutoring

• Offered free monthly SAT Collaboration Prep training to students

• Serve youth for weekly Bible study

• Serve on the Children’s Chorus of Collin County Board

• Volunteer for Reach North Texas

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