A beaver looking into the window of 1428 K Avenue. 

A video of a beaver wandering around downtown Plano achieved social media virality after artist Rudy Guajardo uploaded it to a Facebook group Thursday morning.

The 33-second video shows the beaver walking along the 1400 block of K Avenue and looking into the windows of Las Brisas Inn, seemingly observing its own reflection. The beaver later wandered to the front of a shuttered tattoo shop.

According to Guajardo, it “hung out for a while” before fleeing.

“We could call him Arty the Beaver!” Guajardo wrote in a Facebook comment. “We are the arts district after all.”

While beavers are not frequently seen in urbanized areas throughout North Texas, they have been known to cause tree damage and obstruction of waterways. Furthermore, beavers are carriers of the Giardia lamblia parasite, which causes the giardiasis intestinal infection (otherwise known as “beaver fever.”)

As such, beavers are considered by Texas Parks and Wildlife to be “nuisance fur-bearing animals,” a cohort that also includes foxes and raccoons.

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