Breaking Free

Chris, Zak, Andy Lowry and Brandon of Breaking Free sell coffee and education Narrow Trail churchgoers during Sunday’s service at Heritage Farmstead.

The Narrow Trail Cowboy Church of Plano has held their Sunday service at The Heritage Farmstead Museum. During Sunday’s service, they welcomed representatives from Breaking Free to share their message with the community.

Breaking Free is a nonprofit Christian ministry that helps men and women who struggle with addiction. The program is a free, residential 13-month long program where residents live, worship and develop a relationship with God.

Andy Lowry formerly attended the program, and now works for the organization. He credits support from his family and friends for getting him clean.

“My parents were both working together to get me a place where I could be surrounded by positive people to get help. It changed my life,” he said.

About three years ago, he packed his bags and dedicated the next year to pursuing sobriety and faith, “and I’ve been there ever since,” he said.

There are several programs to help addicts get clean, but Lowry said Breaking Free’s family environment really helped him during his recovery.

“The sense of family, the sense of accountability and the sense of care. People at Breaking Free care so much about seeing other people grow that they’re willing to do what it takes. They’re willing to make the sacrifice like any good leaders should to help someone else reach their full potential. It’s a life-long processes and they’re willing to get through it with you,” he said.

Lowry’s father, Russ, is the worship leader at Narrow Trail, and he invited Breaking Free to give a presentation and share their message with their church family.

Brandon Poteete, an administrator for Breaking Free visited the church at Heritage Farmstead to spread more information about the organization.

There are currently four Breaking Free locations across the globe – Davidsboro, GA; San Vito, Costa Rica; La Spezia, Italy; and the closest to Plano, Anna, TX – just outside of Melissa.

Andy Lowry helped connect Breaking Free to the Cowboy church to help raise awareness.

“One of the ways that we raise support out here is we have a coffee shop and we roast coffee. We actually took a bunch to that church, and a lot of people bought and supported what we do,” Poteete said.

“Our main focus is developing a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. A lot of people have higher powers, and that’s what we believe. We incorporate a Christian lifestyle into the young woman or the young man where they can develop a relationship with God and they can develop relationships with people,” he said.

Poteete said he personally benefited from Breaking Free since he was 18-years-old when he entered the program and dedicated his life to serving others.   

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