Dr. Kevin Farrar & Dr. Brian Dillon

Owners/Chiropractors, Dillon Farrar Chiropractic

We are a Family Chiropractor office.  We offer Chiropractic care for infants, children, adults and seniors.  We focused on patient centered care, and we offer natural treatments for neck pain, back pain, headaches, pinched nerves, numbness, sciatica, sports and repetitive motion injuries, car accidents and much more!  We offer affordable care and accept nearly all insurances.  

Business address: 4152 W. Spring Creek PKWY #116, Plano

Phone/ Website: 976-967-7000; www.farrarchiro.com

Year opened: 2015 (Our Chiropractors have 20 years experience)

Total number of employees: 5

What does your business offer that is unique, compared to similar businesses?

Our customer service and patient care, we always put our patients first and do what is best for their needs.  

What is the most important part of your job on a daily basis?

Being a great listener is the most important part of our job.  This allows us to fully understand our patients needs as well as monitor progress making sure we are on the right pace for the improvement and goals our patients are looking to reach.  

What are your keys to success?

We treat everyone with the same love and respect as if they were a member of our own family.  In our office we have a strong emphasis on communication and education because we understand the more you know about your health the better results you will achieve.  

What surprises you most about your job?

How much fun it is to be a Chiropractor, we love what we do and always loved Chiropractic, but getting to see so many people get well in our office and change so many lives is more rewarding then we ever imagined.  

Tell us something most people wouldn't know about your company.

We donate our fees collected from our first day services to the 2nd Chance SPCA here in Plano to help them do more good for our community.  We also have a passion for helping animals and this is our way to give back to our community.

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