When Laddin Gillespie gives a tour of the new, state-of-the-art fire training center under construction in north Plano on McDermott Road, he does so with the excitement of a someone getting ready to open a big gift on Christmas morning.

But, like the rest of the fire and rescue department, Gillespie has to wait a little longer to rip off the packaging on the new Plano Fire-Rescue Training Center, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022. Funding for the project, $14.8 million total, came from the 2017 bond approved by voters. 

New Plano FD Training Center_24.jpeg

An outside look of the administration building of the new Plano Fire-Rescue Training Center.

New Plano FD Training Center_23.jpeg

Inside the fire station and apparatus bay building.

New Plano FD Training Center_1.jpeg

The new training station and apparatus bay.

New Plano FD Training Center_2.jpeg

The multi-family training unit is under the shadow of the six-story training tower.

New Plano FD Training Center_4.jpeg

Construction continues on the new Plano Fire-Rescue Training Center, located at the intersection of McDermott and Robinson roads in north Plano.

New Plano FD Training Center_3.jpeg

A burner unit shaped like a twin bed in one of the apartments in the multi-family training building.

New Plano FD Training Center_5.jpeg

The technical rescue training facility will allow firefighters to train for building collapse and other unique rescue situations.

New Plano FD Training Center_8.jpeg

Inside the technical rescue training building, there are several culverts that will allow rescue members to train in working through tight spaces.

New Plano FD Training Center_19.jpeg

The six-story tower building will allow firefighters and rescue personnel to train through various scenarios, including apartment floors, offices and even a basement flood.

New Plano FD Training Center_9.jpeg

This office space will allow firefighters to train working through cubicles.

New Plano FD Training Center_20.jpeg

The single family house training building

New Plano FD Training Center_22.jpeg

Inside the single family home training building.

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