Ultimate Pillow

Dr. Raj Kakar of the Dallas Center of Sleep Disorders in Plano created the Ultimate Pillow that helps troubled sleepers of all types. 

Research of the past few years has revealed that sleep is one of the cornerstones of good health, along with healthy eating and exercise. If sleep is the cornerstone, the pillow is the foundation, and Dr. Raj Kakar of the Dallas Center of Sleep Disorders in Plano developed the ultimate pillow for troubled sleepers.

Dallas Sleep in Plano is a clinic dedicated to helping residents get better sleep. Kakar was first introduce to sleep science during his residency in San Antonio, when he observed residents with high blood pressure lacking motivation to exercise because they couldn’t get a good night’s rest.

“That opened my eyes to the field,” he said to help more people sleep better, since sleep is an important part of good quality of life.

At Dallas Sleep, Kakar and the other sleep specialist work to overcome snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome or chronic fatigue, so residents can get a good night’s sleep.

“This is hopefully, the ultimate pillow that can answer a lot people’s requests for finding a pillow that will be comfortable and actually get a good night’s sleep with it,” Kakar said.

The Ultimate Pillow by design, was created to help support side-sleepers, back sleepers and sleepers who shift during the night. It’s shaped like a valley, with raised edges and a lower valley in the middle. The bottom of the pillow has about two inches of high density memory foam to provide more support and breathability.

“The purpose of that is when people are sleeping on their backs, they’ll be at lower level so they don’t get too much support, which can put extra strain in the neck,” Kakar said.

Because of the change in elevation, side-sleepers will also get the extra elevation they need to support their heads “for proper spinal alignment,” Kakar said.

The light-weight pillow is made of breathable high viscus memory foam material with easy ventilation to help sleepers stay cool all night long. Kakar said poor ventilation could disrupt a comfortable nap.

“Without that, some of the Tempurpedic products can tend to get a little warm with memory foam,” Kakar explained. “But with this kind of ventilation, it prevents the heat from staying inside the pillow so it doesn’t create that warm feeling,” he said.

“What we do, day-in and day-out, is help people sleep better. We as a team, we really get to see people who are tired, exhausted, grouchy, grumpy who just aren’t sleeping well and we get to improve their quality of sleep.” Kakar said.

Kakar said sleep has huge impacts on weight, metabolism, cardiovascular health, including blood pressure and blood sugars levels and even mental health in memory function, concentration, mood and stress management. And the pillow, he said, “that’s where we spend the night for several hours sleeping.”

“If you’re not getting the right type of comfort or the right type of support, then it can really make for a terrible night sleep, which can have huge impact on your level of functioning and your mood the next day, and affect you in several other ways.”

For over two years, Dallas Sleep has worked on the Ultimate Pillow, but now it’s available for the market. Residents can purchase the pillow at the Dallas Sleep offices and the websites, theultimatepillow.com.

The pillow is ideal for residents with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or those that use the CPAP treatment. Ideally, the pillow should make sleep more comfortable and effective for patients and sleepers across North Texas.

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