On Wednesday, City Manager Mark Israelson and Karen Rhodes, director of the budget department, presented the 2020-21 recommended city budget.

City Council has not yet voted to approve the budget. Israelson said there could be a change of about 2.5 million before the budget is voted upon.

The document states city expenditures total $604 million. A large portion of the budget is going to water and sewer service demands with 27 percent of the funds. Just behind it is public safety with 26 percent.

As the recommended budget is now, the city would raise property taxes by 3.5 percent.

In a letter to council, Israelson said the budget reflects the city’s adaptability due to impacts on some revenue sources like the transportation industry and license revenues.

“These unforeseen and uncontrollable factors have had historic impact on our community and the city as well as our nation as a whole, and my FY 2020-2021 recommended budget reflects the reality of an uncertain future.”

The city budget states a five percent reduction in operations was implemented due to the COVID-19 crisis. The cut totals about $1.4 million.

In light of the economic impacts, the city will not raise any salaries for civil and non-civil personnel, according to the current budget.

“I am grateful to our department directors and chiefs for taking quick and decisive action then and again this summer, to freeze positions, delay projects, cut expenses, and reprogram resources in recognition of the changed environment where we are providing programs and services,” Israelson said.

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