Muns wins

John Muns will be Plano’s next mayor.

The mayor-elect defeated primary opponent Lily Bao by over 3,300 votes, according numbers released by Collin County at approximately 11 p.m. Saturday night.

Given that Bao resigned from her seat in Plano City Council’s Place 7, she will no longer be serving on the council upon the swearing in of other victors. Places 2 and 8 will remain occupied by their respective incumbents, Anthony Ricciardelli and Rick Smith, who defeated opponents Steve Lavine and Elisa Klein by roughly the same margin.

Two runoff elections will happen as a result of Saturday's election, however, as no candidate in the races for Places 4 or 7 have exceeded 50% of the vote. If current polling keeps up, Place 4 incumbent Kayci Prince could potentially finish behind Justin Adcock, as he is leading her by 3.66%. 

Place 2

Anthony Ricciardelli (52.52% / 16,950)

Steve Lavine (47.48% / 15,321)

Place 4 (Runoff)

Justin Adcock (42.29% / 13,385)

Kayci Prince (38.63% / 12,226)


John Muns (52.99% / 18,071)

Lily Bao (43.07% / 14,687)

Place 7 (Runoff)

Julie Holmer (34.06% / 10,716)

Chris Robertson (32.37% / 10,184)

Place 8

Rick Smith (52.64% / 16,567)

Elisa Klein (47.36% / 14,905)

Editor's note: Results are not final until the city of Plano receives the certified vote numbers from Collin County. The results above only reflect those between the candidates with the most votes in respective races. A more detailed audit can be found here

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