Bryce Gheisar

Bryce Gheisar, left, plays Elliot Combs on the Nickelodeon show “Astronauts.” Also pictured is Miya Cech, who plays Samantha Sawyer-Wei.

Bryce Gheisar, a Plano native, is one of the stars of the new Nickelodeon series “Astronauts.” 

Gheisar, 15, plays Elliot Combs, the teen who encourages the other characters to enter a spaceship that is accidentally launched into space. “Astronauts” premiers on Nickelodeon on Nov. 13. 

“This is a show about five kids who go onto a spaceship that blasts off,” Gheisar said. “I convince the other kids to go on the ship. My dad in the show is a billionaire, so I wanted to prove myself. My character did not think that it would go into space. So it is a big adventure.” 

Gheisar did not always want to be in television and movies. When he was younger he studied gymnastics and competed in competitions. 

“I was born in Plano and did my gymnastics there. I moved to Frisco, but I was always in Plano because of my gymnastics and because my grandparents live there in Plano as well.  I really love it there,” Gheisar said. 

“I went to school in Allen,” Gheisar said. “I went to Lovejoy, and I lived near there. I decided to try something different, and my friend told me about an acting school. I never knew you could be an actor. I thought it was outside of what I thought it was possible. I went to an acting class and it was like a dream come true. I loved my first class so much so I kept going. It took over my gymnastics. That proved to my parents that I actually really wanted to act. I went to an acting school in Lewisville called Catherine Sullivan’s Acting for Film. It was she and all the other teachers who made me fall in love with it.” 

Gheisar has always been a driven child, first in gymnastics and then in acting. 

“If children really love something, continue with it,” Gheisar said. “Only pursue what you love, really think about what you love and work hard at it.  These things can take over your life.” 

“This show has been a dream come true,” Gheisar said. “I have never been on a science fiction set before. I have been able to use my gymnastics skills to know how to move my body and flexibility when we are filming the zero gravity scenes. Gymnastics always helps me on shows.  It all finds a way of finding a way into the acting that I am doing. Being on this set and learning from the directors has been so great. I have been able to notice all sorts of things during this filming that I am learning. I really want to be a director and it is so cool to see all of that during the filming of this show.” 

Gheisar has big plans for the future.

“I really want to be in an action movie and do my own stunts,” Gheisar said.  “I want to be a director and do a variety of things in the industry. I have goals outside of film, but I have those goals for my career. It would be amazing to be in an action movie.” 

While Gheisar loves his work in the television and movie industry, he says he misses seeing his grandparents the most. 

“I miss my family and friends,” Ghiesar said. “I will come back to Plano at the end of this shoot and visit my grandparents. My grandparents are from Iran, and they make Persian food. The dishes are so good, and that is what I grew up on. I am deprived of that right now. There is something about eating it in your grandparents’ house that makes it taste even better,” Gheisar said. 

Previous to the filming of this series Gheisar appeared in “The 15:17 to Paris,” where he played a younger version of the lead character, in “Wonder,” where he played the antagonist Julian, and in “A Dog’s Purpose.” 

His next feature film is “James the Second.” The release date for this film is not yet announced. 

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