Sheryl Pidgeon

Sheryl Pidgeon founder and editor-in-chief of Good Life Family Magazine

Sheryl Pidgeon has had a long career in marketing and philanthropy; however, the favorite and most important career for her is that of being a mother of three. While raising her children, who are now in their teens, she said there were plenty of parenting resources, but as children age, the resources become slimmer, which prompted Pidgeon to begin her newest career as founder and editor-in-chief of Good Life Family Magazine.

Though three issues are already out on newsstands and a new edition set to be available on July 1, Pidgeon said planning and developing her concept started nearly two years ago, as she looked for ways to combine her professional skills with her passion for helping others.

“I had so much experience ... and then I had a family, and I’ve blended those things together,” Pidgeon said. “I have a really big heart for this topic, for these families. So ultimately as time went on ... I thought somebody needs to write a magazine about this, somebody needs to do this.”

Utilizing her nearly 30 years of experience and contacts made in the marketing industry, Pidgeon worked to put together a team of experts in terms of parenting resources for Good Life Family. While the magazine is geared toward parent readers – with tips, commentary and resources on how to interact with children, primarily between the ages of 12 to 21 – the magazine also focuses on ways to keep children active and healthy.

Pidgeon said part of the inspiration for the magazine came from personal experience, the fact that when she first had children, resources were abundant with parenting books, pediatrician checkups and play dates. However, as her children grew older and became more independent, resources on learning how to redevelop her parenting style became scarce. So she took it upon herself to help out other parents in a similar situation to hers.

“I had to find people who were willing to take the joinery with me, and they had to share this passion too,” she said. “In a lot of cases, I’d be thinking am I taking away from my own family ... but we’re helping so many people, and it drives me to stay the course.”

While still a fledgling publication, Good Life Family has already begun to receive a solid fan base, with nearly 7,000 subscribers to its bimonthly print edition and about 4,000 electronic subscribers. The magazine is available for free in most grocery stores, or “anywhere parents would likely be,” Pidgeon said.

She said that during the planning and implementation process of getting the magazine started, one of the most difficult challenges was finding advertisers, which she calls “partners,” to believe in the publication before it even got off the ground. However, she said her strong base of supporters and belief in the work she’s doing helped her through. She also has had to balance her personal life with her new role as the founder of a magazine. She said that since she never wants to give up her career of being a mother, she often finds herself working through odd, late hours of the night to prepare the magazine.

“If we help even just one person who is in a difficult situation, then it’s worth it ... on the other side, we’re the ‘Good Life,’ so we also want to help parents with what’s fun,” Pidgeon said. “Informed parents are better parents ... and things are changing very quickly. I feel like we want to provide that communication conduit without judgment ... give people the information, and let them draw their own conclusions.”

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