From left to right: Trustees Cody Weaver and Lauren Tyra

Plano ISD’s temporary mask mandate expired on Friday, and a majority vote to extend it failed to surface in a Tuesday work session.

After a brief presentation by Assistant Superintendent Beth Brockman on the current state of COVID-19 cases in Plano ISD facilities, a motion was presented before trustees to extend the temporary mask mandate that was implemented on Aug. 26 to Nov. 5.

The motion was rejected after securing a 3-4 minority vote, with some trustees calling the necessity of its extension into question.

“Allowing this to run out on [Sept.] 24, especially with the exemption system we’ve had in place, I do not believe that it will change the behavior that is occurring on campus, and to continue the mandate or the requirement, it just does not – in my opinion – make sense,” said Trustee Cody Weaver to colleagues.

Weaver previously voted in favor of the initial mask mandate that went into effect in August.

Conversely, trustees such as Lauren Tyra expressed support for the continuation of the mandate.

“No matter what small amount of data or what expert you want to cherry pick – this study or that study – the expert guidelines are put together with a thorough review of the data and with an expert panel of physicians making that call, and I don’t believe that any analysis we can do is going to be better than the analysis or the expertise that is being provided by these expert panels,” Tyra said.

Tyra and Trustees Nancy Humphrey and Jeri Chambers were the dissenting board members who voted in favor of extending the mask mandate. President David Stolle and Trustees Angela Powell, Heather Wang and Weaver comprised the majority vote.

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