By day, Plano residents Amie D. and Krystle S. work in the technology industry and volunteer with children. By night, the two are avid Lego brick collectors and builders, and are even starring in a FOX Lego building show together.

Hosted by Will Arnett, “Lego Masters” will feature 10 two-person teams competing to win the title of best amateur Lego builders in the country. The show is set to premiere on Feb. 5 on FOX.

Since childhood, Amie and Krystle have been collecting and building with Lego bricks. The two Plano residents connected through an online Lego community and met at a Christmas party. Coincidentally, the two were wearing the same outfit, down to a pair of galaxy-patterned pants.

“The more we talked to each other, we found we have extraordinarily odd things in common," Krystle said.

Amie was initially contacted by the show when a video showing her perform a Tesla “hack” went viral. Amie’s Twitter presence showed off her Lego devotion, attracting the producers.

“They asked if I had someone I would build with and I'm like, ‘Krystle we're going to do this show!’" Amie said.

The show, according to Amie and Krystle, was a Lego “bootcamp.” Krystle honed in on color placement and design theory with the help of Lego bricks. For Amie, presenting clear ideas became a central challenge.

“Coming from an engineering background, it was learning really well how to communicate exactly what you’re trying to get across,” Amie said. “I think Lego is really good for prototyping ideas."

Outside of the show, both Amie and Krystle use Lego bricks as education tools for children. The pair has volunteered with My Possibilities, a Plano nonprofit that provides services for children and adults with cognitive disabilities.

“I used to teach a Lego therapy class (at My Possibilities),” Krystle said. “It was a really beautiful way to get the students to communicate with each other.”

Amie uses Legos to teach kids how to build robots, animals and other structures.

“It is a very rewarding thing to physically program something and make it move,” Amie said.

“Lego Masters” was inspired by a hit British show by the same name. The U.S. premiere will air after “The Masked Singer.”

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