Plano bond

Tom Muehlenbeck Center, which was the subject of a $15 million bond item

Plano residents voted in favor of a $364 million bond referendum during last Saturday’s general election.

Propositions A-F all received majority-affirmative votes, although some propositions were presented with more opposition than others. Most controversial among these was Proposition C, which specifically allotted $15.9 million toward maintenance and renovations at the Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center. 55.22% voted in favor of this, while 44.78% voted in opposition.

Conversely, Proposition A garnered landslide support despite being the most expensive of the ballot items. This $231 million proposition is targeted toward street improvement projects such as alley reconstruction and repair, sidewalk installation, highway screening wall reconstruction and construction of new traffic lights. 76.45% of the participating electorate voted in favor of this item, while only 23.55% voted against it.

Proposition D, which allocates $27 million toward renovation and expansion of public safety facilities, won support by a similar margin of 72.03%. This proposition authorizes bond funding for construction, remodeling and expansion of six fire stations, a police training academy and the Robinson Justice Center. It will also support the construction of a fueling station where emergency vehicles such as police cruisers and fire trucks can refuel.

Another item authorizing funding for renovation of city facilities is Proposition E, which is dedicated to improvements at the Plano City Council chambers. Next to Proposition C, this $5.5 million bond was one of the most divisive of the six items on the ballot, with 60.71% voting in its favor, and 39.29% voting in opposition.

The $81.9 million Proposition B, which concerns the city’s Parks and Recreations facilities, and Proposition F, which concerns its libraries, received roughly the same margin of support, as both items attracted slightly over 70% affirmative votes.

Officials say this bond package’s approval will entail an impact of approximately $67.71 in annual property taxes for the average Plano home, which the Collin County Appraisal District values at $378,396.

Bond Election Results

Proposition A ($231 million – Street Improvements)

For (76.45% / 24,985)

Against (23.55% / 7,697)

Proposition B ($81.9 million – Parks and Rec)

For (70.4% / 22,958)

Against (29.6% / 9,652)

Proposition C ($15 million – Tom Muehlenbeck Center)

For (55.22% / 17,742)

Against (44.78% / 14,386)

Proposition D ($27 million – Public Safety)

For (72.03% / 23,129)

Against (27.97% / 8,983)

Proposition E ($5.5 million – Plano City Council Chambers)

For (60.71% / 19,327)

Against (39.29% / 12,510)

Proposition F ($2.49 million – Libraries)

For (72.27% / 23,245)

Against (27.73% / 8,920)

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