Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey Wilson grew up in Tyler, Texas before going to college for a couple of years then pursued her dream of becoming a musician. Wilson is the guitarist for a local band called Temptress and is the manager at Sammy Lou's Home Cooking and Barbecue. She has lived in Rowlett since 2017.

Can you tell readers about your band?

My band is Temptress, and we are based out of Dallas, Texas. We are a rock and roll, heavy music, psychedelic...anything we want to play, we'll play, and it's going to be heavy music, loud music, beautiful vocals. It's really pretty vocals over really intense music.

Do you all write your own music?

Yes, we write all of our own music. It's all original pieces. We've talked about covering things before, but it never really came to fruition. We just finished recording an album in 2021. We are in the process of talking to a couple labels that are interested in having it all out in 2023, then we will be going on two North American tours for four to six weeks each for east coast and west coast.

What instrument do you play for Temptress?

I play guitar, and I sing...lead guitar and rhythm guitar. I'm the only guitarist in the band right now, and I'm enjoying it. It gives me a lot of creative freedom in expressing myself as an individual musician and not just a collaborative musician.

How did you start playing guitar?

I started playing classical guitar when I was six years old. I was in a program in East Texas called Childblooom where they taught young kids how to read music, and they introduced us to the ensemble lifestyle. We did cute little rehearsals and performances at the Honey Baked Ham place. When I was in Elementary school, I think I was in third or fourth grade, I got to play Greensleeves for the whole school. I was nervous, but  I did it. It opened me up to really loving classical music. Then I eventually went back to school in Tyler at Tyler Junior College, and I studied with Frank Kimlicko, one of the most fantastic classical music teachers I've had. He really pushed my passion for classical music until I found Rock and Roll.

What was the switch like, going from classical to rock?

I loved it. It was more expressive. I could really bring my lyrics into everything and really be an actual songwriter instead of somebody who can just play the music, but it really humbled me to go back to classical after playing rock and roll for a while.

What have the tours you've been on looked like?

So far, I've been on a few small tours and one really long tour. The really long one was 25 shows in 26 days. We did all of the south, going across Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, up to North Carolina, then we hit up the New England area up to New York, then we crossed over to the Midwest starting in Ohio, then we made our way back down to Texas.

How did you start working at Sammy Lou's?

I moved to Rowlett in 2017. I was living here with two of my friends, and we drove past this place one day because it's on the way to my house, and I saw the grand opening sign. I came to get some food and saw they were extremely busy, so I just put my hat in the ring and asked if they needed any help. The rest is history. I've been working here for four years. We just had our four year anniversary, and we'll be going strong into a new restaurant in the next month.

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

My favorite is going out to the lake. Mu parents had a place on Lake Palestine, and I did most of my growing up there fishing, swimming, getting into shenanigans with my friends, walking around. I didn't really have my head in a book or in a TV very much. I was always out playing and hanging out at the lake most of the time. East Texas is a super beautiful area, and Lake Palestine is an amazing lake.

Tell our readers something about yourself that they would never guess to be true.

I'm a vegan managing a barbecue restaurant.

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