Sick season

One of the hurdles many families are facing is accessing medical care. To help Garland ISD families, the district has partnered with Hazel Health to offer virtual access to free non-emergency medical care from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Hazel Health can help with common health concerns like cold and flu, headaches, stomach aches and asthma. Families just have to register through the parent portal to get started.

“Garland ISD has always had a holistic approach in educating our students. It is important that all of our students are healthy both physically and mentally so they are ready to learn, grow and succeed,” said Director of Health Services Renee Kotsopoulos. “Hazel Health shares those ideals and wants to be there to help our students thrive. Hazel Health is a unique opportunity only available to students enrolled in a Garland ISD campus. We could not be happier to partner with such a great resource.”

Kotsopoulos noted it’s important to address non-emergency issues because what can start as a small symptom can become something that is much more difficult to handle.

“For example, some children have reoccurring ear infections. If left untreated, this could lead to potential hearing loss. Allergy symptoms can lead to secondary infections of the eyes and sinuses and can sometimes cause lung issues,” she said.

It’s also important for families to maintain their physical and mental health because not doing something like eating well; getting enough sleep or not exercising can have lasting effects.

“I think it is important that parents are aware that even if their children are not verbalizing stress, they can feel it,” said Kotsopoulos. “It is important that the family stays connected, especially during our current situation. Social distancing does not mean self-isolating. Go for walks every day, limit TV time, eat well-balanced meals, and reach out to a health provider if experiencing anxiety or depression.”

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