During the June 25 regular Garland ISD board meeting, Chief Financial Officer Brent Ringo went over bus driver pay rate in GISD and surrounding districts.

Ringo said several surrounding districts either already pay or recently announced the starting pay at $20 per hour.

“We engaged TASB this spring to look at our bus driver pay rate due to losing drivers to surrounding districts,” he said.

Bus driver pay in Texas is increasing at a dramatic rate. From 2008 to 2018, the starting pay has risen from $9.7 per hour to $12.79 per hour, a 31 percent increase statewide. The average pay has increased from $13.33 per hour to $16.82 per hour, a 26 percent increase.   

There’s a bus driver shortage in several districts across the Dallas area.

Ringo said GISD averages 30 vacant bus driver positions per month, and more positions may be needed for next year’s programs.  

To remain competitive and to keep current drivers, the Finance and Audit Committee recommended adjusting the pay range minimum for bus drivers to $21 per hour for new hires, and have placement scale adjustments for current employees to fit the new range.

“We believe that a $21 starting pay rate will keep us ahead of the market, even with districts proposing pay raises at the $20 per hour,” Ringo said.

The board unanimously approved the adjusted pay range minimum.

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