Lexie's Boutique: Helping women shine through fashion

If you’ve visited downtown Rowlett recently you may have noticed a new resident. Alexis Tucker is the woman behind Lexie’s Boutique, which opened for business just a month ago. She’s no stranger to Rowlett, though, the Rockwall local’s husband, John, has his own business in Rowlett, Tucker Roofing. She credits God for bring her and John’s business to Rowlett.

What were you doing prior to the shop?

I had an online boutique for three years and was stay-at-home mom as well, but I've always wanted a storefront, so it was something we prayed about for a little over a year. 

How'd you decide on Rowlett for your business?

We're Christians and we're really big on praying about everything, and so he (John) has a roofing company, Tucker Roofing, and we were praying for him specifically on where his office should be so it ended up in Rowlett. Then we were praying specifically on where God wanted this store to be, and he brought us to Rowlett, so we felt very strong about being in Rowlett because this is where he wants us. 

How'd you get started in this business?

I have a background in fashion and makeup; I've done makeup for years. I used to work at Neiman's, and I started out as a personal shopper and I ended up being a makeup artist for several years. I've always been in the industry and I enjoy making women feel good about themselves, making them feel pretty and just trying to bring out their inner beauty as well.

What drew you to fashion?

I think it makes you feel good, but I don't think it defines you as a person because I think character is so much deeper than fashion. It's a fun way to make yourself feel confident and show who you are, and there's really no rules.

I love the scripture that I have underneath my logo (Proverbs 31:30), because I think it's a good reminder that no matter what, with social media and getting caught up in comparison, that it doesn't define who you are. 

Proverbs 31:30 says charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who feels the lord is to be praised. I like having that there as a constant reminder – yes, this is fun and makes us feel good about ourselves, but it doesn't define who we are as a person.

How would you describe the style at Lexie's?

It's for the everyday woman. I have workout wear, athleisure, casual pieces, and I like to throw in some dresses and fun accessories. 

My online clientele was mostly women my age and a little bit older, so it was geared towards the mom on the go. I always have moms in mind because I'm a mom of two boys (Jackson and Beckham).

I think every woman should still feel cute even though their life revolves around their husband and children, they should still focus on themselves.

What was the biggest challenge about opening a storefront?

I wanted to be in line with God's will, so I think just praying and trusting and knowing that this is where he wanted me. But there's a lot of anxious thoughts that go into starting a new business, so just the fear of the unknown – being in a new location that I hadn't planned on being in and starting up a business. Are people going to know about me? Will they know I'm here? 

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

My customers and the interaction. I enjoy meeting people, I enjoy styling them and seeing the smile on their faces when they come out of the dressing rooms, and they feel good in the clothes that they're in. 

How do you balance running your own business and two kids?

One hundred percent through God and prayer because it is such a challenge. For me, I lean on the lord, asking him for wisdom, guidance and sleep. I also have an amazing husband who helps out so much and he's my biggest supporter and cheerleader, and he's just right there with me helping balance everything.

Growing up did you think this is what you'd be doing?

Not growing up, but as I became a young adult in my 20s it's something I saw myself doing. Did I think it would be having my own storefront? No, but I just knew I wanted to be in fashion and makeup, it's always been a passion of mine.

What about Rowlett attracted you?

There's something about Rowlett that's just totally different than any of the surrounding cities. The warm welcome that my husband and I both got, even when he moved his business here a couple of years ago. The community is very supportive, welcoming, kind and sweet. I just love it here. From the second that I started redoing the building, the amount of people that came over, and flowers that were sent to me saying welcome to the neighborhood. It's been quite amazing. 

All the other businesses on Main Street have welcomed me with open arms – it's more like a little family down here. I'm very thankful that God put me here because it's for a reason and a purpose.

Where do you hope to see yourself and your business in about 10 years?

I would love for the store to be thriving and still here, but I also do my online sales so I'd like for that to continue to grow as well. But maybe a second location? I don't know. That will be something that I will be praying about and sees where God guides me.

What do you hope people get when visiting your store?

First of all, I hope they feel welcomed as soon as they walk through the door. I hope they feel comfortable in this place and inviting because that's very important to me when I'm shopping. Secondly, I hope that they find something that they enjoy and hope that they see that the prices are affordable, but the quality is amazing. 

Every piece is handpicked by me so it's something that I would personally wear and something that I stand behind, and if for some reason there's ever an issue, my goal is to make it right. I want the customers to leave feeling satisfied, happy and joyful about what they've purchased, and if they don't, I hope they know that they can come back to me. I want them to leave feeling good.

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