Munal Mauladad

Munal Mauladad

A public hearing was held during the Dec. 3 Rowlett City Council meeting to consider a request by John Hammond to rezone approximately 25.426 acres for mixed-use development with single-family, multifamily and retail uses. The property is located at the northwest corner of Chiesa Road and Miller Road.

Munal Mauladad, director of Community Development, went over the surrounding land use pattern. To the north are single family townhomes – Canterbury Cove; to the east and northeast is a religious institution and single family residential – Peninsula subdivision; to the south is single-family and undeveloped land – The Vineyards and Hillcrest Estates; and to the west is Paddle Point Park and retail that’s under construction.

According to the presentation, the future land use plan (FLUP) provides for vertical integration of land uses with low-density single-family along the lake frontage, medium density and retail/commercial. The proposed PD is generally consistent with the FLUP designations.

It was noted that although medium density residential is recommended along Miller Road, the proposal is to provide mixed-use development comprising of 70 condominium units with first-level retail along 600 plus/minus feet of frontage along Miller Road. The intent is to provide ample physical separation of single-family homes abutting a major arterial. The proposed mixed use will also serve as a buffer for the single-family portion of the development.

“The goal is to make sure that if we do have residential development that is projected or slated for a specific area that we use the corridors that they are adjacent to ensure that we don’t compromise the integrity or sustainability of those land uses,” Mauladad said. “So although the medium-density residential component … is recommended along Miller Road, the proposal is to provide a mixed-use concept that would comprise about 70 condos with first-level retail on the bottom floor.”

She added that the applicant has slated 9.07 acres of development for 13 lots with a low-density type residential development to take advantage of the lake to the west.

“The intent is to provide double frontage lots so that the homes are designed to take in the natural open space,” said Mauladad.

According to the presentation, the concept plan reflects a 10-foot trail along the lakeshore per the 2018 Comprehensive Parks and Trails Master Plan. The applicant is requesting a reduction in building setback adjacent to the railroad from 100 feet to 50 feet and is proposing to install a six-foot masonry screen wall with a required heavily landscaped buffer along residential lots adjacent to the railroad.

If the request is approved the applicant would be required to conduct a full traffic impact analysis of the proposed project on the city’s roadway network at the time of site plan review. Additionally, special attention would be devoted to the safety and viability of the proposed access points on both Miller and Chiesa roads. Should the impact analysis recommend any improvements or changes to existing or proposed infrastructure, the applicant would be required to implement those recommendations in their design.

Mauladad stated that public notifications were sent out on Oct. 28 to those within the 200-foot legal notice area and 500-foot courtesy notice area. Within 200 feet no opposition letter was received, and two were received in favor. Within 500 feet, five letters were received in opposition and none in favor.

At the Nov. 12 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting the commissioners recommended 4-3 in opposition of the proposed request.

Staff recommended approval of the zoning request as the proposed development is generally compatible with the future land use plan.

The applicant requested a change upon council’s approval of removing the second floor as residential. The mixed-use development would have commercial retail on the first floor, commercial office on the second floor and residential only on the third floor of 20 units, reducing it from the original proposed 70 condos. The applicant also said the condos/townhomes would only be for sale and not for rent.

Council approved the rezoning request with the change in units 6-1.

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