Robert Christian spoke against the building of a gas station to be developed at Miller and Chiesa Roads at a Tuesday City Council meeting. Christian said one of the risks of building a gas station at Miller and Chiesa Roads versus Dalrock Road and I-30 was the health and safety of nearby residents. “There is a significant difference between building a community around an already existing gas station versus building a gas station in an already existing community.”

Comments from 18 residents convinced the Rowlett City Council to unanimously deny a the building of a convenience store.

The store was expected to be located on Miller and Chiesa Roads near the Hillcrest neighborhood. It was expected to have a 4,400 square foot canopy for gas pumps with masonry screens and lighting designed not to spill over into the nearby neighborhood. The applicant, Mohammad Hussein, said the store and pumps could bring in $107,250 in sales tax and $18,625 in property tax each year if approved. He also said tanks would be regulated by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality to ensure that the pumps are safe and efficient for users. He also said that residents would not have to worry about any noise, odor, light spillage or crime.

The 18 residents who spoke out against the development spoke on a variety of concerns. Jennifer Dixon said the station could lead to increased vehicular and foot traffic which would jeopardize pedestrian safety. Richard Nored said he was concerned about light pollution, worsening traffic conditions on Miller Road and decreased property value. David Hall raised concerns regarding alcohol consumption, trespassing, litter and the feeling that a gas station does not fit the commercial desires or needs of nearby residents. Lindsey Kaptain said a gas station would be detrimental to the roads and the traffic conditions at the Chiesa and Miller Road intersection. Other residents brought up concerns including medical concerns, danger of explosion and crime.

Councilmember Blake Margolis said he did not expect traffic to dramatically increase on Miller Road. However, he did not support the store due to possible medical concerns for residents living near a gas station.

Councilmembers Brownie Sherill and Pamela Bell said they did not support the gas station, citing Resident Robert Christian’s comment differentiating building a community around an established gas station versus building a gas station in an established community.

Martha Brown said while she could have supported the gas station in another part of the city, she could not support it after hearing the residents’ comments.

Mayor Tammy Dana-Bashian said she did not support the gas station because she said the roads would not be able to handle the traffic.

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