FCA Rowlett

Rowlett High School is hosting its first Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) worship night from 4-6 p.m. Friday at the school’s football field.

Sydnie Walker, a coach at the high school, said FCA resumed at the campus once students returned to face-to-face learning.

“We have student leaders that do a great job at coming up with ideas for fundraising and outreach, and they brought up the thought of how awesome it would be to get schools together to worship,” Walker said. “At the time, we thought it sounded amazing but out of reach due to COVID and other factors. However, we were stunned with the amount of support that we have received from people wanting to help us make this happen.”

Walker said the event will include music, a sermon led by Pastor Jordan Miller and gift giveaways -- a PlayStation 5, AirPods and more.

Natalie Horting, one of the student leaders, said, “This event was really inspired by a couple of us students leaders just sitting down and saying that we should have a little night of worship with the school. At first it was a little unquestionable if that was something we could do or not, but we got it approved by the school. Once we started talking more and more about this we realized that this could be something much bigger and so much greater if we invited everyone we could think of in our district. We continued planning and sent out invitations to different schools, and we even passed out Chick-fil-A biscuits with an invite to encourage students to come. We pray that this will be a very successful event and hope to potentially carry this night of worship on as a tradition.”

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