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Last Friday the Rowlett Police Department shared a report that was taken on March 26 with the public so others are aware if this same incident should happen to them.

According to Rowlett PD’s Facebook page, someone had put red and blue flashing lights on their SUV and has been initiating traffic stops in Rowlett for "shelter in place" violations.

“He was very demanding and even had an iPad where he told our victim she had to electronically sign and her ticket would be in the mail. If we give you a ticket it will be in your hand before you pull away, and we don’t issue iPads to everyone…,” the post states.

The victim was unharmed in the situation, but RPD stated that if anyone has questions as to whether the individual pulling them over is a legitimate Rowlett police officer they can call 911.

“Our SUV squad cars have light bars on top of the vehicle, not on the dashboard. We also all have RPD patches on our uniforms and have no problems telling you our names and badge numbers,” the post states.

According to the post, the incident occurred at night and there was no clear description on the make or model of the dark-colored SUV. The suspect is described as a white male, dark hair in a dark uniform. This incident was said to have occurred along Dalrock Road and Princeton Road after the victim had left a grocery store.

Detective Cruz Hernandez stated via email that the Rowlett Police Department will not actively enforce the shelter in place order by stopping cars to check.

“The officers can enforce the SIP by city ordinance (class C misdemeanor) and class B misdemeanor (state of Texas law),” he stated. “The Rowlett Police is looking for voluntary cooperation with SIP so we can be available for other police calls. If citizens see SIP violations, they can call the police non-emergency telephone number 972-412-6200 or the city of Rowlett Action Center telephone number 972-412-6100.”

Visit the city website for the up-to-date SIP orders at

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