The 10-6A season had a familiar storyline as once again it was Sachse and Rowlett battling it out for district supremacy.

And for the third consecutive season, it was the Mustangs who retained the 10-6A belt, handing the Eagles a 48-0 defeat in their head-to-head meeting in the final game of the year.

It was no surprise that Sachse led the way in all-district honors, as well, nabbing 35 spots on the list, including a pair of superlative honors. The Eagles were not far behind, with 22 selections on the list.

District newcomer Wylie had a strong inaugural campaign in making the playoffs and a big reason was senior quarterback Rashad Dixon, who was named 10-6A most valuable player.

South Garland senior Jaquarion Turner was tabbed the offensive most valuable player, with Sachse senior Braylen Brooks earning defensive player of the year honors.

Lakeview snagged a pair of superlative awards as running back Camar Wheaton was named offensive sophomore of the year and defensive tackle Ikechukwu Iwunnah was voted the defensive sophomore of the year.

Naaman Forest sophomore tight end Tommy Dunn was chosen as the newcomer of the year, while Sachse and North Garland shared the coaching staff of the year honor.

Here is a look at the Sachse and Rowlett selections:

Defensive Player of the Year

Braylen Brooks, Sr., CB, Sachse

Few players on either side of the ball has as much of an impact as Brooks, who made big play after big play. Brooks set a GISD single-season record with 11 interceptions, returning four of those for touchdowns. He also had a 75-yard fumble return to go along with 33 tackles and 3 pass breakups.

Co-coaching staff of the year


The Mustangs got off to a 0-3 start for the first time ever, but head coach Mark “Red” Behrens and his staff got things turned around in time for the 10-6A season, as they rolled to an undefeated 7-0 record to claim the district championship.They would run that winning streak to eight in a row with a playoff win over Plano East before falling in the area finals to Waco Midway.

First Team Offense

Chase Toupal, Sr., QB, Rowlett

Completed136-of-264 for 2,016 yards and 22 touchdowns while also rushing for 234 yards and four scores.

Torey Washington, Sr., RB, Sachse

Part of the Mustangs three-headed rushing attack, had 86 carries for 745 yards, an average of 8.7 per attempt, with three touchdowns, and also returned a kickoff for a score.

Chauncey Amos, Sr., RB, Rowlett

Rushed for 809 yards and nine touchdowns on 136 attempts and also caught nine passes for 104 yards and three scores.

Jerry Evans, Sr., WR, Rowlett

Led team with 57 receptions for 849 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Trent Dean, Sr., WR, Sachse

For the second straight year, Dean showed a flair for the dramatic, catching 22 passes for 392 yards and a team-high seven touchdowns.

Larry Nguyen, Sr., OL, Sachse

Helped pave the way for an offense that averaged 365.5 yards per game.

Hayden Rollins, Sr., OL, Rowlett

Key cog of the line as the Eagles averaged 344.7 total yards.

Luis Reyna, Sr., K, Rowlett

Averaged 36.2 yards per punt and also converted 8-of-10 field goals.

First Team Defense

Clark Yarbrough, Sr., DT, Sachse

Consistently a disruptive force, had 54 tackles, including 13 for loss, 17 quarterback hurries, three sacks and three forced fumbles.

Hunter Spears, Sr., DE, Sachse

Notre Dame signee was one of the most dominant players in the area, with 58 tackles, 24 for loss, 13 quarterback hurries, five sacks, two fumble recoveries and an interception for a touchdown.

Bryce Robinson, Sr., ILB, Sachse

Active playmaker recorded 103 tackles, nine for loss, 16 quarterback hurries and seven sacks.

Micah Buchanan, Sr., S, Sachse

A ball hawk in the secondary, made 45 tackles, with three for loss, eight pass breakups and a 100-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Lance Canyon, Sr., S, Rowlett

Recorded 56 tackles, with four for loss, and four pass breakups.

Tim Cherry, Sr., CB, Sachse

Another lockdown corner in the Mustangs secondary, had 33 tackles, four pass breakups and a pair of interceptions.

Cameron Miles, Sr., CB, Rowlett

Made 16 tackles with three pass breakups.

Addison Perez, Jr., P, Sachse

Consistently helped the Mustangs win the field position battle.

Second Team Offense

Derrick Rose, Sr., QB, Sachse

Standout receiver moved to quarterback midseason and completed 39-of-68 for 760 yards and eight touchdowns while rushing 68 times for 520 yards and 11 scores.

Myles Nash, Jr., RB, Sachse

Had 120 carries for 745 yards, an average of 6.2 per attempt, with 11 touchdowns and caught 13 passes for 161 yards.

KJ Williams, Sr., RB, Sachse

Averaged seven yards per attempt, with 70 carries for 491 yards and seven touchdowns.

Antonio Hull, Jr., WR, Rowlett

Caught 39 passes for 747 yards, an average of 19.2 yards per reception, with nine touchdowns.

Chase Cromer, Sr., WR, Sachse

Hauled in 11 passes for 235 yards and two touchdowns.

Jesse Soliz, Sr., WR, Rowlett

Helped the Eagles average 31.7 points per game.

Josh Velasquez, Sr., OL, Sachse

A key element of the ground attack as the Mustangs averaged 240.9 yards.

Chase Franks, Sr., K, Sachse

Converted 44-of-47 extra points.

Myles Nash, Jr., KR, Sachse

Returned 11 kicks for an average of 26.5 yards per attempt.

Jared Wesley, Sr., KR, Rowlett

Had three returns for 154 yards, an average of 51.3 per attempt.

Second Team Defense

Ryan Jones, Jr., DT, Sachse

Amassed 57 tackles, with five for loss, five quarterback hurries and a sack.

Jeremiah Franks, Jr., Rowlett

Recorded 45 tackles, six for loss, with two sacks and a forced fumble.

Gabriel Aplicano-Tito, Sr., DT, Rowlett

Had 63 tackles, three for loss, two fumble recoveries and two forced fumbles.

Darius Dunlap, Jr., DE, Rowlett

Stepped up with 42 tackles, with three for loss.

Xavier Gayle, Sr., ILB, Rowlett

Made 63 tackles, two for loss, with an interception, fumble recovery and forced fumble.

James Whyte, Sr., ILB, Sachse

Had 67 tackles, with six for loss, seven quarterback hurries and four pass breakups.

Damoderic Wade, Sr., OLB, Rowlett

Led team with 87 tackles, 12 for loss, with three sacks, two fumble recoveries and a forced fumble.

Jordan Brooks, Jr., OLB, Sachse

Recorded 70 tackles, with seven for loss, five pass breakups and four quarterback hurries.

Jameson Lajoie, Sr., S, Sachse

Made 40 tackles with two pass breakups and an interception.

Ennis Hendeson, Sr., CB, Rowlett

Had 45 tackles, three for loss, with three pass breakups, two forced fumbles and an interception.

Jared Wesley, Sr., CB, Rowlett

Recorded 22 tackles and eight pass breakups.

Braylen Books, Sr., PR, Sachse

Averaged 13.8 yards per return.

10-6A Football All-District Team

Most Valuable Player

Rashad Dixon      QB    Sr.     Wylie

Offensive Most Valuable Player

Jaquarion Turner RB    Sr.     South Garland

Defensive Most Valuable Player

Braylen Brooks    CB    Sr.     Sachse

Offensive Sophomore of the Year

Camar Wheaton   RB    So.    Lakeview

Defensive Sophomore of the Year

Ikechukwu Iwunnah      DT    So.    Lakeview

Newcomer of the Year

Tommy Dunn       TE     So.    Naaman Forest

Co-Coaching Staffs of the Year


North Garland

First Team Offense

Chase Toupal       QB    Sr.     Rowlett

Rashad Dixon      QB    Sr.     Wylie

Torey Washington         RB    Sr.     Sachse

Chauncey Amos   RB    Sr.     Rowlett

Lemuel Adams     RB    Sr.     Naaman Forest

Sabron Woods     RB    Jr.      North Garland

Jaquarion Turner RB    Sr.     South Garland

Camar Wheaton   RB    So.    Lakeview

D.J. Williams       FB     Sr.     South Garland

Donovan Ollie      WR   Sr.     Wylie

Isaiah Haro WR   Sr.     Lakeview

Jerry Evans WR   Sr.     Rowlett

D.A. McCartney   WR   Sr.     Naaman Forest

Duke Parker         WR   Jr.      North Garland

Trent Dean WR   Sr.     Sachse

Ed White, Jr.        TE     Jr.      Lakeview

Keziah McKinney TE     Sr.     Garland

R.J. Bell      TE     Sr.     South Garland

Tommy Dunn       TE     So.    Naaman Forest

Larry Nguyen       OL     Sr.     Sachse

Luke Whitworth   OL     Sr.     Wylie

Hayden Rollins    OL     Sr.     Rowlett

Allen Phillips       OL     Sr.     Naaman Forest

Julius Reed OL     Sr.     Lakeview

Keith Crosby        OL     Sr.     Garland

Andrew Cunningham     K       So.    Wylie

Luis Reyna K       Sr.     Rowlett

Zikamein West     KR    Sr.     Lakeview

First Team Defense

Ikechukwu Iwunnah      DT    So.    Lakeview

Eduardo Garcia    DT    Sr.     North Garland

Jordan Wilson      DT    Sr.     Lakeview

Clark Yarbrough  DT    Sr.     Sachse

Aaron Okolo        DT    Sr.     Wylie

Hunter Spears      DE    Sr.     Sachse

Kortlin Rausaw    DE    Jr.      Wylie

Dedrick Collier     DE    Sr.     North Garland

Victor Smith        DE    Jr.      Lakeview

Bryce Robinson   ILB    Sr.     Sachse

Adrian Brown      ILB    Jr.      Naaman Forest

Uzochukwu Ebinama     ILB    Sr.     North Garland

Andrew Williams OLB  Jr.      Wylie

D.J. White  OLB  Sr.     Naaman Forest

Goodness Nwawuihe     OLB  Jr.      North Garland

Devin Barnett       S       Sr.     North Garland

Garnett Burke      S       Jr.      Lakeview

Micah Buchanan  S       Sr.     Sachse

Lance Canyon      S       Sr.     Rowlett

Braylen Brooks    CB    Sr.     Sachse

Jacori Tarver        CB    Jr.      Lakeview

Tim Cherry CB    Sr.     Sachse

Cameron Miles     CB    Sr.     Rowlett

D.A. McCartney   CB    Sr.     Naaman Forest

D.A. McCartney   PR     Sr.     Naaman Forest

Addison Perez      P       Jr.      Sachse

Jackson Nalley     P       Jr.      Wylie

Second Team Offense

Derrick Rose        QB    Sr.     Sachse

Trey Taylor          RB    Jr.      North Garland

Montana Miller    RB    Sr.     Garland

Myles Nash RB    Jr.      Sachse

Timmie Adewunmi        FB     Sr.     North Garland

KJ Williams         FB     Sr.     Sachse

Nick Matthews     WR   Jr.      North Garland

Antonio Hull        WR   Jr.      Rowlett

Zikamein West     WR   Sr.     Lakeview

Chase Cromer      WR   Sr.     Sachse

Malik Ford WR   Jr.      Wylie

Alex Garcia TE     Jr.      North Garland

Cooper Flowers   TE     Sr.     Naaman Forest

Xavier Orta OL     Sr.     South Garland

Jesse Soliz  OL     Sr.     Rowlett

Josh Velasquez     OL     Sr.     Sachse

Cameron Smith    OL     So.    Naaman Forest

Reese Moore        OL     Sr.     Wylie

Hyson Perez         OL     Sr.     Lakeview

Cole Dagen OL     Jr.      North Garland

Hayden Barker     OL     Jr.      Garland

Marcus Sanchez   OL     Sr.     South Garland

Giovanni Serrano K       Jr.      South Garland

Chase Franks       K       Sr.     Sachse

Javonte Russell    KR    So.    Garland

Myles Nash KR    Jr.      Sachse

Jared Wesley        KR    Sr.     Rowlett

Second Team Defense

Davion Sneed       DT    Jr.      North Garland

Ryan Jones DT    Jr.      Sachse

Jeremiah Franks   DT    Jr.      Rowlett

Durim Negron      DT    Jr.      Naaman Forest

Michael Scroggins          DT    Sr.     Wylie

Treyvion Johnson          DT    Sr.     Lakeview

Gabriel Aplicano-Tito    DT    Sr.     Rowlett

Deon Walls DE    Sr.     Garland

Darius Dunlap     DE    Jr.      Rowlett

Carter Burud        DE    Jr.      Naaman Forest

Timothy Adewunmi       DE    Sr.     North Garland

Corbin Herrington         DE    Sr.     Lakeview

Gilberto Melara    ILB    Sr.     Naaman Forest

Xavier Gayle        ILB    Sr.     Rowlett

Alex Garcia ILB    Jr.      North Garland

Zacchaeus Adams ILB    Jr.      Lakeview

James Whyte        ILB    Sr.     Sachse

Damoderic Wade  OLB  Sr.     Rowlett

Jalen Graham       OLB  Sr.     Lakeview

Justin Heard         OLB  Sr.     Garland

Jordan Brooks     OLB  Jr.      Sachse

Caleb Ferguson    S       Jr.      Lakeview

Alonza Fennell     S       Sr.     Garland

Jacob Crim S       Fr.     South Garland

Jameson Lajoie     S       Sr.     Sachse

Jaylan Lindsey     S       Sr.     Wylie

Ennis Henderson  S       Sr.     Rowlett

Jared Davis S       Sr.     Naaman Forest

Javonte Russell    CB    So.    Garland

Jared Wesley        CB    Sr.     Rowlett

Elijah Wilson       CB    Sr.     Lakeview

Braylen Brooks    PR     Sr.     Sachse

Jason Sauceda      P       Sr.     Lakeview

Honorable Mention

Elian Romero       C       Sr.     Rowlett

Josh Ekpo  RB    Sr.     Rowlett

Tre’von King       WR   Jr.      Rowlett

Xavier Wills         DE    Jr.      Rowlett

Anthony Ibuken   DE    Sr.     Rowlett

Cameron Cromer WR   Sr.     Sachse

Matthew Carter    CB    Jr.      Sachse

Kameron Quinn   CB    Jr.      Sachse

Daunte Gaiter       LB     Sr.     Sachse

Quinton Williams LB     Jr.      Sachse

Anthony Anyanwu        DL     Jr.      Sachse

Devon Kennedy   LB     Sr.     Sachse

Ricardo Ochoa     OL     So.    Sachse

Braelon Williams OL     So.    Sachse

Le’Trei Harris      OL     Sr.     Sachse

Jaivon Ellison      OL     So.    Sachse

Jack Forthman     DL     Sr.     Sachse

Travien Davis      CB    Jr.      Sachse

Patrick Araujo      OL     Jr.      Garland

Andres Najar        OL     Jr.      Garland

Sergio Rodriguez  OL     So.    Garland

Cody Russell        QB    Jr.      Garland

Jeremiah Bennett  WR   Jr.      Garland

Leon Tatum          DT    Sr.     Garland

Chandler Henderson      DE    Sr.     Garland

Olandrewaju Akande     ILB    Sr.     Garland

Daveion Jones      S       Sr.     Garland

Jabari Ellis  CB    Jr.      Garland

Ronnie Reed         CB    Jr.      Garland

Devonte Duncan  S       Jr.      Garland

Anthony Jaramillo         DE    Jr.      Garland

Caleb McCray      RB    Sr.     Wylie

Yuri Egbon CB    Sr.     Wylie

Patrick Ames        OLB  Sr.     Wylie

Jamie Marlin        CB    Jr.      Wylie

Cal Vinson OL     Jr.      Wylie

Kevin Cook          OL     Jr.      Wylie

Yol Malwal DL     Sr.     Wylie

Steven Ortega       OL     Sr.     Wylie

Tajohn Livingston         WR   Sr.     South Garland

Diego Escalante    OL     So.    South Garland

Jose Juarez DE    So.    South Garland

Gabriel Ellis         DE    Sr.     South Garland

Chenault Johnson ILB    Jr.      South Garland

Kyler Kinsey        S       Sr.     South Garland

Detavian Lee        CB    Sr.     South Garland

Trejohn Caston    CB    Sr.     South Garland

Jaquontae Barnes OL     Jr.      South Garland

Deiontae Jackson RB    Jr.      South Garland

Marvica Wiley      LB     So.    South Garland

Jordan Flores       WR   Sr.     Naaman Forest

Palmer Campbell  QB    Sr.     Naaman Forest

Khyree Ward        RB    So.    Naaman Forest

Ja’Hari Lee FB     So.    Naaman Forest

Keelan McKinnon          OLB  Sr.     Naaman Forest

Roger Davis-Jahnel        OL     Sr.     Naaman Forest

Preston Jones       CB    Sr.     Naaman Forest

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