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Every basketball district has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused its share of schedule reshuffling due to a variety of postponements.

But few teams have felt the brunt of that worse than the Sachse girls.

The 9-6A girls basketball season officially hit its halfway point on Tuesday, but rather than being on the court, the Mustangs were once again on the sideline dealing with a quarantine.

While some teams have played the full seven-game slate, Sachse is still sitting at 2-1. Its last game was on Jan. 2 and that is its only official game since back on Dec. 18.

The Mustangs are not the only team that have dealt with quarantine issues, as it has affected squads on the junior varsity and freshman levels, as well.

But those teams do not have playoffs like they do in the varsity season, which leaves Sachse facing an interesting immediate future.

According to the Garland ISD athletics office, all teams were scheduled to be cleared to return to action on Wednesday.

The Mustangs have four games that need to be made up, but the conundrum they face is how soon is too soon.

One of the quarantine protocols is that individuals are isolated, meaning not only no school, but also no practice, leaving very little time to prepare for the return to action.

Sachse is planning on hitting the ground running.

In the most recent scheduling update, the Mustangs were slated to be back on the court almost immediately with a home game at 6 p.m. Thursday against North Garland.

That will mark the first of three home games in three days, as Sachse faces undefeated Lakeview at 6 p.m. Friday before returning less than 24 hours later to host South Garland at 11 a.m. Saturday.

It will not get the Mustangs completely caught up, but it is a start.

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