Stephen Alexander Horn

Place you’re seeking: Little Elm Town Council Place 2  

Profession: Teacher, real estate

Number of years in town: 12

What is the most important issue facing your town and how would you solve it?

We have lived in Little Elm more than a decade and have watched all the amazing changes and challenges the town has faced as it has grown.  I think the biggest issue facing our town right now is the managing of quality growth.  While the market will always dictate the rate of growth, it is up to the town to try and attract quality developments. We must do better holding ourselves accountable to the standards we have set for the developers. This includes things such as required green space, lot size, building materials, minimum home or apartment size, screening walls and much more. We also need to actively work with land owners to attract employment and commercial opportunities for our residents. These types of developments not only generate revenue for the town, but will also help keep more residents from having to drive out of town for services and opportunities.  

What are your ideas to help Little Elm retain its “small town feel” even as it continues to grow?

Growth is almost inevitable in an amazing area like ours. Land owners have opportunities to make large amounts of money and eventually they tend to sell. While the town cannot stop this, we can help manage what comes next. I think that to keep our small town feel there are few things we can do. First, we need to look at increasing the green space requirement in all development types.  This helps reduce the density of neighborhoods as well as provides a more open look and natural look to the town. We can also continue to add to our park and trail system, which helps make our town special. I would love to see us participate in the 10-minute walk challenge to make sure that we have green space and park opportunities for everyone.  

Do you feel the town’s tax rate should be raised, lowered or kept the same? Why?  

I would love to see it lower. The key to that will be diversifying our development to generate more sales tax. 

Is the town spending money in the right places? What would you change, if anything? 

I really love what we are doing in the town. We are consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the state, so we seem to be spending on public safety very well. I think the parks and trails are amazing, and I would like to see us keep adding additional amenities to provide residents with a high quality of life. All areas should be reviewed regularly to make sure we are being efficient, but overall, I like where we are using our money.

What’s your history of community involvement in the town?

I have served on the Planning and Zoning since 2016. I am often one of the more outspoken members expressing concerns to ensure we are making the right choices. Additionally, this has given me some experience in working with the town on issues that face us on items specifically on development. We also participate in Clean and Green to help keep our parks clean. However, my biggest involvement in the town is as a teacher. Since I teach at Braswell, I work with students that live in Little Elm daily. Helping them grow and reach their potential is one of the most important things we can do to help our community be a wonderful place to live.

Why are you the better candidate for this position?

I think I am a better candidate for this position because of my experiences both professionally and in the town. I have served on Planning and Zoning, which has given me the opportunity to already share my opinion on items and understand better how the town operates. In my professional life, I bring a unique situation since I come from both education and real estate. I feel that I have the ability to not only understand what our town needs to be successful, but to also build relationships with the school districts that serve our town.  

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