Andrew Oteo

In addition to being a chiropractor by trade, Dr. Andrew Oteo of The Colony-based practice Stonebridge Chiropractic has proven himself to be something of a renaissance man.

He is studying to earn his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) while also having a PhD under his belt. He also serves in the Board of Directors for Parker University and has devoted his life to charitable work benefiting active and former service members and their families.

How did you get into your line of work?

Shortly after I first started driving, I was involved in a serious car accident.  My mom was in the vehicle with me, and her side of the car took the most damage with a direct impact.  I suffered a fractured clavicle, but my mom almost didn’t make it.  Once she was strong enough to leave the hospital, I marveled at how she would be visibly limping into the chiropractor’s office and after her treatment walk out tall with a smile on her face.  This made a strong impression on me as I saw her regain her strength and mobility over time.  As I went through my journey in college studying business marketing, I reached a point during an internship in New York City where I realized I could continue down a path that I wasn’t passionate about, or make a massive pivot and course correct my future.  The once traumatic event of an auto accident and sports injuries I endured over the years that initially brought me to a chiropractor turned out to be the seed that grew into a future of loving service as a Doctor of Chiropractic!

What are some of your proudest achievements?

One organization that I give much of my time and energy to is Parker University.  I am an adjunct professor for the community internship program Parker University offers for their chiropractic program and have found another deep passion in teaching and mentoring.  Beyond the awards and accolades I have received over the years, my greatest achievement is helping other young doctors to gain more confidence in themselves and their clinical skills so they can in turn go out into the community and serve many thousands of people over the course of their career.  I am proud to be a part of making this world a better place, and I feel that starts with sharing our God-given talents with others so their can achieve the goals and dreams they individually desire.  That’s one of the foundational purposes in my life that puts a smile on my face and guides my actions every day in the clinic.

Tell us about the work you do for veteran causes.

I currently serve as the regional chair for the Patriot Project.  This organization is focused on providing chiropractic care to active-duty military, veteran and Gold Star families.  How my passion for serving veterans began was 10 years ago when I volunteered to work on the medical team of the George W. Bush Center’s Warrior Open golf tournament.  I had the honor to serve veterans that had had limbs amputated, sustained injuries from close-range IED blasts and suffered from emotional wounds equally as devastating as their physical ailments.  This opened my eyes to the world of warriors reacclimating to civilian life and the challenges this presented for many of our nation’s service men and women.  I have always considered it a blessing that I am able to help these heroes achieve a better quality of life without the use of addictive medications or invasive surgeries. 

What other work do you do outside of chiropractic?

Outside of being a chiropractor, I am also advancing my own education by pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with an emphasis in healthcare management.  This has been a bit of a learning curve for me since I have never taken a fully online class before in my undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma or while pursuing my doctorate at Parker University.  I have so much more empathy now for what our kids are going through with virtual learning!  Though I have been running a successful healthcare business for years without any advanced business focused degree, I felt this would be a meaningful steppingstone to pursue the next chapter of my career. 

Are you a native Texan? (Where from?)

I am originally from Buffalo, New York, but don’t worry, I converted to being a Cowboys fan after the Bills lost their third straight Superbowl in 1994!My family moved to Flower Mound when I was in fifth grade and I have been blessed to call Texas home ever since. 

What are some of your favorite local restaurants?

For this question, I want to take off the natural healthcare practitioner hat for a moment and just focus on delicious food without considering caloric intake and phytonutrients.  I typically eat very healthy, but I truly value my “cheat” meals!  Leading off with the best dessert around is MeLisaThe Pie Lady in The Colony. She makes the BEST pies I’ve ever had. 

My favorite lunch spot is a bit of a hidden gem in The Colony.  In my opinion, the Tom Morris Pub at The Tribute Golf Club is one of the most delicious and relaxing places around.  I take my team here regularly for birthdays and special occasions so we can unwind and enjoy some amazing views of the golf course.  A new favorite dinner spot of ours is Davio’s North Italian Steakhouse in Grandscape.  The atmosphere is amazing and they have some of the best seafood I’ve had anywhere around. 

What are some of your go-to comfort movies and TV shows?

I’m a sucker for a good comedy!  My favorite movie of all-time is Dumb & Dumber, there is so much comedic brilliance and quotable lines in that movie.  Recently, my wife and I have been watching thriller dramas like Clickbait and Dead to Me.  I also managed to sneak in Cobra Kai to get my fill of 80’s karate training montage scenes. 

Tell our readers about your family.

In an earlier question, I mentioned my proudest achievements.  Truly, my proudest achievement is being a dad to three amazing kids and having a wife I love and cherish.  My daughter Ana is a senior in high school and is interested in pursuing a career as a firefighter or in the healthcare realm.  I was a young single dad when my oldest daughter came into this world, so we share a special bond.  I am so proud of the young woman she is becoming and I’m in awe of how deeply she cares for her friends and family around her. 

My daughter Quinn is almost four years old and loves the song “Baby Shark.”  We jam out to it most mornings while getting ready and I am proud to say I can sign every word to the song.  Quinn was born with a rare genetic condition called subcortical band heterotopia which resulted in her experiencing seizures at an early age.  My family went through a very dark time with trying everything within our power to stop her seizures and I am so thankful to say that – through the grace of God – my baby girl has been seizure-free for almost two years now. 

My little dude is Pierce, who will be 10 months old next week.  Pierce and I share the same birthday, so we will forever be birthday twins!  I couldn’t imagine a better birthday gift.  God has been so abundantly good to me and my wonderful family. 

What do you want your legacy to be?

I love people and I love helping people achieve their goals.  I try to see the good in everything in my path and work towards bringing out the very best in people and situations.  One of the guiding principles in my life is “Loving Service.”  I hope to be remembered as a servant leader and someone who truly brightened the path for others around me.  I pray that my mentoring, my business and my clinical excellence create a ripple effect that blesses people beyond my own two hands.  To the person reading this interview, thank you for taking a moment to learn a bit about my story.  I am a Doctor of Chiropractic by trade, but a humanitarian at heart.  I hope to meet you and hear your story one day! 

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