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Early voting for the Nov. 3 election is Oct. 13-30. One of the local elections is The Colony City Council, Place 4, where incumbent David Terre will face Lauren Gunn and Christopher Song. Below are the answers to a Q&A The Colony Courier-Leader sent to the candidates. Song did not respond to the Q&A by the Courier-Leader's deadline.

Lauren Gunn

Contracts administrator

Number of years you have lived in the city: 1 year

What is the most important issue facing the city, and how would you help solve it?

Lauren Gunn

Lauren Gunn

I would encourage the city to focus on the following: 

1. Lasting road repairs - not just patching 

2. Create yearly events to bring revenue to the city. Including encouraging youth sports to play at 5 star- softball, soccer and baseball tournaments, quarterly 5K's and local/national tournaments at the tribute golf course.

3. Encourage sustainable business growth.

Why are you running for City Council?

I am running for City Council to increase diversity among the members. City Council needs to represent all residents, not a select section. All too often incumbents continue to run because residents are not aware of how easy it is to become civically engaged, City Council makes decisions that affect our everyday lives and spends the money we contribute to the city. I want to make sure that the funds are properly invested back into the city. 

If elected, what areas would you encourage the city to focus on its spending?

I would focus spending on: 

1 Road improvements

2 Beautification (setting up dog waste disposal along our sidewalks)

Do you feel the city is developing at the right pace? If not, what would you do to ensure the city can handle the growth?

I feel that our city is growing, there is a finite amount of space and there are some areas of blight that we can encourage businesses to enter. I feel that the area of S. Colony and Paige have several empty spaces that could be marketed to businesses such as indoor trampoline park, the antique mall business with multiple booths or a WeWork type facility. 

What is your history of community involvement in the city/county?

My history with community involvement is limited, but I feel that this is a positive. I am eager for a new voice to be heard as well as propose out of the box ideas. 

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

I want to help foster a community environment. Not shake hands and move on to the next photo opp. For me, being the best candidate for the position means representing all residents, from EastVale to The Tribute. So often it seems that once people are elected they only mingle with like minded people. I want to make sure the house on the corner of Keys and Newton is represented as well as those on Teal Cove. I want to make sure that residents feel safe in their neighborhoods and homes without the fear of intimidation from unwanted visitors (people and rodents alike). The best candidate isn't always the one with the most time on the council, the best candidate is the one who has immersed themselves in the community and taken notice that new blood is needed to breathe life into The Colony. That new blood is me – Lauren Gunn.

David Terre


Number of years you’ve lived in the city: 21

What is the most important issue facing the city, and how would you help solve it?


Councilman David Terre 

The most important issue facing The Colony is to continue protecting our residents by providing the best possible police and fire protection in the Metroplex. It’s the number one request I get from folks living in Place 4. With so many cities defunding police and fire departments they want to be assured that won’t happen in The Colony. I have taken the opposite approach by working with council to add five police officers in 2020 for 90 total and an additional nine vehicles. We have also added six Fireman for 84 total and opened an $8M new Firehouse No. 4 in Grandscape. Plans have been completed for opening a new Firehouse No. 5 in The Tribute late 2021.

Residents living in The Colony can count on me to always back the blue and work with council to make sure we always provide our residents with the best possible protection. 

Why are you running for City Council?

I have been on City Council for nine years, and I am running for a fourth term to continue my service to Place 4 residents while working with our council to move The Colony forward. I made a promise I would respond to all resident phone calls, emails and texts within six hours and always work with them to find reasonable solutions. I am proud to say I’ve kept that promise and residents know they can count on my help when they have a city related problem.

If elected, what areas would you encourage the city to focus on its spending?

To me spending always breaks down into must fund and want to fund priorities.

My first priority is to always fund our police and fire departments with the needed personnel and equipment to ensure they can provide our residents with the best possible protection.

My second priority is to allocate the funding needed to continue to replace/repair streets, alleys and sidewalks. In our 2020-21 budget we have approved by far our largest capital improvement spending ever of $7.2 million. 

Other priorities include updating our animal shelter, recreation center, aquatic center and other city facilities. We will also be doing competitive salary increases and provide adequate health coverage for all employees.

Do you feel the city is developing at the right pace? If not, what would you do to ensure the city can handle the growth?

Quality development has always been my objective. Development must produce jobs, tax revenue and provide community services without infringing on quality of life for our residents. Grandscape, a 417-acre development consisting of NFM, Scheels Sporting Goods, Andretti’s, many restaurants, Hampton Inn Hotel, Galaxy Theater, etc. is a prime example of the right kind of development. Like a puzzle every development project must fit with the overall objectives.

What is your history of community involvement in the city/county?

I love serving and give freely of my time and resources in the following city and county appointed or elected positions.

Mayor pro tem

I was unanimously elected to this position by my fellow councilmen. In this position I essentially back up the mayor.

Animal Services Board

As a board member, I am one of five who oversee all animal shelter services. With so many pet owners in The Colony we work extremely hard to provide quality care to all pets we take in and aggressively pursue   adoptions. 

Chamber liaison  

As council liaison to our Chamber of Commerce, I attend all board meetings and work closely with them to ensure our business community has a voice at City Hall and we are always available to assist as needed.

Sponsorship coordinator for annual Soup-N-Bowl fundraiser

This is an annual fundraiser event where all the proceeds go directly to our local Food Pantry. Our funding comes from sponsorship packages ranging from levels between $250 & $2,000. I coordinate this effort with our business community and I’m pleased to report our 2020 fundraiser established a new record total exceeding $20,000.

Denton County Appraisal District Board of Directors

Having been elected to this position seven years ago, I was one of five out of 20 candidates this past December to be elected to serve a fourth term and I also received the highest vote total of any candidate. Our board develops & approves the Denton County Appraisal Districts annual budget. We also hire and evaluate the performance of the Denton County Chief Appraiser as well as handling other related Board duties.

Why are you the best candidate for this position?

I never run against anyone but rather I run on my record. Voters in Place 4 know I am always accessible and they can count on me to always work hard and ultimately do what’s in the best interest of The Colony. I believe the voting results on Nov. 3 will confirm they want me to continue my work on City Council for a fourth term. Experience and a proven record of accomplishments count. 

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