Officer Omar Montemayor

Officer Omar Montemayor

Omar Montemayor, the school resource officer at The Colony High School, was recently named "SRO of the Year" by the Texas Association of School Resource Officers. Below, Montemayor talks about working with students, his experiences as a police officer and what he likes to do to unwind.

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I am from a small city called Elsa, Texas, which is located in the Rio Grande Valley. I grew up in the country, and the nearest city was Elsa, where I attended high school and graduated in year 1999.

How did you become interested in law enforcement?

I have always had an interest in helping people. My aunt was killed when I was 15 years old due to an intoxicated driver. After that happened, I looked into a career in law enforcement to stop criminals from harming people.     

How long have you been with The Colony Police Department?

I came to The Colony PD in September 2008. I started my career with the city of McAllen Police Department in 2005 and relocated my family to The Colony in 2008. 

Is there a call you've gone on that you'll always remember?

The one that remains at the top of my list is a child abuse investigation with CPS.  The children were being severely neglected by their parents, and the children tested positive for methamphetamine. The children were ultimately taken from their parents by CPS, and it hit me hard and was hard to witness.  Prior to the children leaving with CPS I went to a local store and picked up some food and toys for the kids, which ultimately did not make the end result any better, but it put a smile on their face temporarily.   

What all do you do as a school resource officer?

As an SRO, I establish rapport with the students, the reduction of criminal offenses committed by juveniles and young adults in school and provide safety for students, faculty, staff and all persons involved with the school district.

Do you have a technique that helps connect with students?

I would not call it a technique, but I have two teenage boys myself, and they are 15 and 13 years old. I am constantly talking with them and learning what current things are trending. I am also a big “gamer.” I play a lot of Fortnite, Call of Duty Black Ops and Rainbow Six/Siege.

What led to you winning the SRO of the Year award?

I was nominated by LISD Safety and Security Director Matt Garrett. In my first year as the high school SRO, and in the first weeks of school, I was hit with several big cases. Throughout the year there was a constant flow of cases that involved school safety or others that had to be handled with immediate action. I do not know the details of the qualifications they looked for or the specific reason I was nominated. All I can say is that the safety of my students, faculty and staff is my priority. Parents drop off their kids in the morning, when they come into my school, I take over for their parents and ensure they complete the school day and ultimately school year safely.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy fishing. Any chance I get I go to a local pond or lake and fish. It is relaxing. I also collect sport cards, baseball in particular, and have done so since I was 8 years old. I stopped collecting sport cards, in the early 2000s, and I started back up in 2015.

Who's your favorite team, and how will they do this year?

I am huge baseball fan. My favorite team is the Houston Astros! I believe that they have a good chance at another World Series after acquiring Zack Greinke from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Favorite musician?

I enjoy all sorts of music, but my No. 1 favorite is George Strait.

What's something most students don't know about you?

That I am an easy-going person

What are your future career goals?

I am currently enrolled in the fall 2019 UNT semester to complete my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. I seek to be a future police supervisor for The city of The Colony, and ultimately I would like to teach.

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