The Colony City Hall

The city of The Colony plans to repair several sidewalks that have been in need of attention for several years.

Tuesday the City Council approved an ordinance to amend the city’s utility fund operating budget for $600,000 to be used on sidewalk repairs throughout the city.

Tim Miller, assistant city manager, said the city is “woefully behind” in some of its sidewalk repairs, approximately 5 years.

Miller said the project will include all areas of the city, but essentially it will address sidewalks that residents have reported as being in disrepair going back to 2016.

“That $600,000 should get us 11,000 linear feet with some multiple curb replacements and some wheelchair ramps on some of the affected areas,” Miller said.

He said this project would take care of work orders from 2016 to 2018.

“I don’t want to call this a drop in the bucket,” Miller said. “This is a drastic step to get us up to where we need to be, where we want to be. But I don’t want to portray this will solve all of our problems.”

Miller said after the meeting that funding has been the biggest reason the city fell behind on these projects.

“The city had a lack of funding in years past,” Miller said, “but since we have developed so much commercially in the last few years we are seeing that change and are trying to address and catch up on much needed infrastructure maintenance.”

Mayor Joe McCourry said he is happy to see the city address several of the sidewalks.

“I believe I have heard over the months and months previous that, and all of you (council members) have the same agreement, that we do need to get caught up and start catching up,” McCourry said.

Miller said the city plans to contract the work out to get multiple crews in the areas. He said work should begin in mid-March and that the project should take six to eight months to complete.

“We have numerous issues on our streets and alleyways,” Miller said. “We are feverishly working on that as well as we are on these sidewalks. But this is something we feel we can do easily, quickly and get some of these longstanding things done. But … we have five years of work orders on streets, alleys and sidewalks. This is the sidewalks portion.”

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