The Colony Rec Center

Specifics about what a new recreation center would look like are likely to come later, though officials believe it will include some of the bigger amenities like a gymnasium.

Some have called for a new recreation center in The Colony for years.

While it’s not known when the center would be constructed, city leaders have an idea where they would like to build it.

Now they’re working on figuring out the size and the cost.

Tuesday the City Council approved a professional services agreement with BRS Architects in the amount of $68,572 to perform a feasibility study for the center.

Pam Nelson, community services director, said the city is looking at constructing the center at Five Star East, north of Hawaiian Falls.

Nelson said the study will answer several questions.

“This is going to help us identify the cost and if we need to phase it in or do the whole thing at once,” Nelson said. “If we phase it out we have to build in the inflation rate.”

She said the study would also determine construction and operational costs, as well as the size of the center based on the proposed site.

Nelson said the feasibility study won’t determine the specific amenities the recreation center would have – those would be decided later with help of citizen input. Rather, it would focus on the location and general features, such as a gymnasium.

“The big thing is determining the footprint and the larger amenities,” Nelson said. “The specialty items will be determined later on.”

The study is expected to be complete by early June, with the council discussing its findings in late June or early July.

In November the council updated its Community Development and Parks Master Plan. Discussion centered on a resident survey that went to shape the plan. The most requested item on the survey was a multi-generational recreation center. The survey noted a lack of indoor recreation space in the city, according to survey respondents.

According to the survey, 49 percent of residents said the current rec center doesn't meet the current needs, and 37 percent were neutral on the question. But 74 percent said it won't meet the community's needs in 10 years.

At the November meeting, Councilman Kirk Mikulec expressed his support for a new center. Mayor Joe McCourry said that how the city pays for it will be a big factor.

McCourry said the last cost estimate he saw for a rec center was $50 million to $60 million, though the city staff projected the cost to be between $30 million to $35 million.

Tuesday, the council supported spending the money on the feasibility study to get some answers.

“We could probably build anything, but whether or not we could operate it in a year is another question,” McCourry said. “To get those operational insights, no matter how big or small, I think is key for us in making a decision. It’s not just about building a facility. There’s a whole lot more to it than that. And I think this will help us a lot.”

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