Heidi Wicker

Flower Mound resident Heidi Wicker invented Hair Remedie, and final details are being worked out so it can be sold on walmart.com.

What started as a daily problem in the mornings for a local resident has turned into a business that has grown in popularity in the last year.

Heidi Wicker, a Flower Mound wife and mother, designed a product called Hair Remedie, a towel that dries hair without leaving hair frizzy. The product consists of a T-shirt-like material on the outside with a terry cloth on the inside.

“I have curly hair, and it takes a lot of time to dry my hair,” Wicker said. “My hair would be real frizzy after I dried it, and it was because of the terry cloth. So I started using a T-shirt, and my hair would look good after that, but it would take forever.”

So she simply combined the two – the T-shirt to avoid the frizz and the inner terry cloth to absorb the water.

Since 2015, her product has attracted the interest of retailers. Her big break is right around the corner as she is in negotiations with Walmart to sell Hair Remedie on its website.

Wicker said the company has approved her product, and details are being finalized for her company's approval.

“This would be huge,” Wicker said. “I've been having to spend money to advertise, but I don't have the ability to reach that many people because I don't have a big budget. But to have a national company that draws its own customers in will be really big for us.”

Not only that, but with the product being sold online, Wicker said she can avoid many of the costs that come with being sold at a big store, such as insurance and distribution requirements.

Wicker said she went to an open call at Walmart's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas to pitch her product. That's when she was told the product would be a good fit for Walmart.

The product is also being sold at Hearts Desire, a boutique in Frisco. It's also being sold at a magazine style store in Beverly Hills called Tips N Trends, where shoppers can see items in person that are typically sold online. The shop showcases various products during each season, and Hair Remedie has been one of those sold during the summer. In September, the shop will remove all products and sell different lines for the fall.

Throughout the process, Wicker said she has learned a lot about running a business.

“I've learned that I can't do this by myself,” she said. “I've had a lot of help from family and friends, who are doing this for no selfish reason but just wanted to help.”

She has also learned that patience is a virtue. The patent process has been a long one, about two years, but it's in the final phases. Wicker said once the patent is filed, the patent office may suggest changes, such as the wording on the product. Then Wicker has an opportunity to respond to the changes and refile. But she said it will soon be worth it.

Wicker said it's important that this product is made in the United States, so she purchases fabric from Pennsylvania, and the production takes place in Dallas.

Locally, Wicker said she has received a lot of support.

“Flower Mound residents have been so supportive,” Wicker said. “If I go to an expo, there will be people there who are from Flower Mound, and they'll remember seeing me from another event. It's been amazing.”

For information, go to hairremedie.com.

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