Peters Colony Park

Among the proposed features of Peters Colony Memorial Park is a water feature, pavilion (shown above), remembrance wall, children’s area and more.

It seems fitting that the first park in Flower Mound designed to be tranquil received unanimous support from the Town Council.

Monday the council approved the conceptual master plan for Peters Colony Memorial Park, which will be located at the southeast intersection of Peters Colony Road and Old Settlers Road, just west of the Flower Mound Public Library.

The 3.3-acre park is expected to be one of the more passive parks in the town. It will be the town’s first park designed to provide a place for reflection of loved ones, first responders and fallen military heroes with such amenities as a remembrance wall, which could make use of removable name plates.

Fred Walters, principal at Mesa Design Group, said early discussions about the plan involved the decision on whether to make the park more literal in its memorial elements or more open to interpretation.

“We thought it would be better to be more allegorical so people can bring their own thoughts and emotions to the park,” Walters said. “The park is meant to celebrate the past, present and future for Flower Mound residents.”

Plans call for a celebration lawn for small events, as well as a 30-inch high water feature throughout to provide a serene background and to help block out noise from the nearby traffic.

Also proposed is a natural trail that would run through a thick area of preserved Post Oak trees, a pavilion, a nature-themed children's play area where library activities could take place, plaza space with the remembrance wall and flag poles, and a sculpture at the terminus of the park's main pathway.

Council members all supported the concept.

“I like that we’re keeping the trees and integrating the trees within the walking paths,” Councilman Jim Engel said. “And tying the high school to the library and to the children’s area. It all works really nicely together.”

Mayor Pro Tem Sandeep Sharma said he hopes this other projects take on a similar approach.

“I like it. It’s very pleasing,” Sharma said. “It’s a different kind of park from what we’ve had in Flower Mound, so I’m hoping this will be a trend setter and that we can have more of these kinds of parks.”

Mayor Steve Dixon questioned if this is truly a memorial park if there could be light programming in the main lawn area.

Dixon said he would suggest a word other than “memorial” for the park.

“If you’re going to have the discussion and say the word, ‘memorial’ I think of solemn,” Dixon said. “I think of respectful. I think of quiet. So if that’s going to be the pallet of discussion, whether it be literally or metaphorically, I think that should be well-thought out because that could potentially lead someone down a direction you might not want to be leading them down.”

Walters said the park can accommodate both feelings.

“Though it’s a memorial park and we see it as a place of remembrance it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a very solemn place,” Walters said. “It certainly has an opportunity to be a solemn place, but it can also be a place of celebration.”

Design is scheduled for the 2019-20 fiscal year with construction beginning in 2020-21.

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